Russian in Devices

Not everyone will like and a virtual keyboard, because of the impossibility set blindly. Except , the lack of Russian layout significantly reduces the functionality of the device. However, the latter is easily eliminated by installing a small but very useful update on the enthusiast community enthusiasts iPhone. iPhone underground. We did not unaware how deep the rabbit hole, until faced with the need Russify our newly acquired mega-phone. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Secretary of Agriculture. As it turned out, the vast global network, there are many useful and sometimes vital critical software.

To download and install to only one condition – an unlocked iPhone. Google search brought us to the next Russian-speaking community, which revealed not only detailed instructions on Russification devices, but also a set of programs to extend the functionality of iPhone. More about this here. Today, apple enthusiasts decided to front the majority of issues related to copying files, writing speeches, reading books and using the iPhone for games. Unfortunately, there are several issues that have so far not been eliminated. One of the most unpleasant for business users – support for the format MS Office, more accurately – lack thereof. The second disappointment is possible called Apollo IM, namely – incorrect support for Russian language in contacts ICQ. Simply put, if the contacts stored in Cyrillic, the owner is waiting for a nasty surprise in the form of the need to decrypt ‘krakozyabrami’.

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