Replace Conventional Cigarettes

Where society is becoming increasingly intolerant of smoking in public places, the new cigarettes, based on the principle of the inhaler until it is forbidden to eat, including pubs and restaurants. Thus we can say that the electronic cigarette reviews about it, say it is harmless future developments deadly cigarettes. Scientists, meanwhile exploring: whether, as claimed by manufacturers, these new cigarettes are safer for health and even can help get rid of nicotine addiction? Electronic cigarettes were invented by Chinese scientists on behalf of Hon Lik, working in an electronics company in Beijing, Ruyan, says Thomson. The first samples on sale in May, 2004 year, and since then their popularity is growing. Thus, according to Ruyan, in 2008 the company managed to sell about 300 thousand electronic cigarettes. According to a British distributor of Smart Smokers, sales are soaring. In the U.S., popular The Doctors TV show last year, noted this new product as one of the ten most important trends of the year in health care.

By itself, the device is simple and contentment and looks like a normal cigarette, but its great part is not tobacco, and the battery and an LED that lights red and simulates the burning cigarette, said a journalist. In the filter cartridge contains as much nicotine as regular cigarettes and, with the only difference is that the electronic cigarette is enough to average two or three hundred mouthfuls – during the tightening pressure is generated triggers sensors in the 'filter', with the result that there is evaporated gaseous nicotine. Therefore, believed that these cigarettes are not dangerous in terms of passive smoking. It is also reported that the cost of the replacement filter is 1.5 dollara.Tem Still, even the most powerful cartridge allows you to breathe three times less than nicotine than a conventional tightening, according to the New Zealand scientist Murray Logs. He since 2007 with support from WHO and the company's Ruyan e-cigarette is studying the impact on the human body. In general, preliminary results are positive: If nicotine is extracted from tobacco is not, then there is practically no carcinogens.

The most interesting and widely accepted fact is that smoking can facilitate for mental illness such as major depression and schizophrenia. According to statistics conducted in 1995, schizophrenics smoke more than people with other mental illnesses. Apparently, in this case, the cigarettes are used as independent treatment. Studies show that nicotine reduces the mental, cognitive, sensory and physical manifestations of schizophrenia, as well as reduces the side effects of many psychotropic drugs.

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