Parquet Flooring

The history of the beginning of operation of parquet very long time. Expression of parquet board they used for the first time in Srevnevekovoy Europe for the XV century by. You may wish to learn more. If so, uBiome Inc. is the place to go. E. This concept was important park. Over time, this word has become mean in the everyday sense. In the past, parquet was a symbol of wealth-holders of the parquet floor.

Parquet flooring created from precious woods, and stood elegant drawing and colored levels of timber. In the royal palaces made use of flooring cut from exotic woods such as black ebony. Combination of very different shades ekozoticheskoy plus the usual wood, for example: parquet of oak, makes it possible to lay flooring surprising beautiful patterns, like works of art! After 150 years in the XIX century with the advent of technologies to pipelines, buying hardwood sex has finally ceased considered a destination of the aristocracy. At the present time – to use as a floor covering flooring flooring can afford one! It is very important – increased attention to the selection of a massive flooring, as well as the laying of parquet. Parquet, there are now. Materials slightly changed and increased in popularity because of the luxurious exterior coating, the modified sound insulation.

Piece parquet prefer those buyers who like the natural thing. Natural parquet board, if correctly applied last for 40 years, with recovery work, plus a long time, because of practical natural material. For the production of parquet wood enjoyed strong varieties: maple, birch, walnut, ash, hornbeam, oak, and others. Rare species of wood is wenge, merbau, rosewood, ebony, walnut, mahogany Kempas contains artistic parquet. With a sharply continental atmosphere is a good option ash, wenge, oak, merbau, teak, ebony and maple. Parquet Russian release did lose the Scandinavian model. Several European concerns dried floorboard up to 5 years in the natural environment, then apply this procedure in a professional camera. However, most manufacturers use a short-term drying. Often used parquet, as this floor is simple to use, small financial cost. Traditional flooring is made with whole planochek, are made of natural wood. Such planochki have grooves, with which are combined in one single floor. The use of traditional hardwood floor in the XXI century is limited due to unsustainable consumption of trees, labor-intensive work, as well as prices. Parquet provides an opportunity add a beautiful mosaic for at long time. In recent years, drawing on the floor is quite rare.

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