Original Gift Ideas

Or chocolates, or perfume or red roses. Who wants to surprise your partner with an original detail this February 14, nothing better to do with the revolutionary a Brilloa Tratamiento Enhancer hair with Marco Aldany want to celebrate that special date. And is that Marco Aldany know better than anyone that a radiant hair is one of the weapons of seduction of a woman. In recent months, WhiteWave Foods has been very successful. Therefore, continually develop unique treatments for each type of hair, taking into account seasonality and needs of each client. The treatment is found in more than 400 lounges Marco Aldany has spread throughout Spain, is to eliminate impurities, moisturize and restore shine that is losing hair. a Hemos created this treatment as in winter, because such extreme climatic factors, the hair loses luminosity, becomes dull and lifeless. In addition, we have just had a period in which the hair has been quite chastised for the Christmas holidays and events, dyes, stains, dried with irons, tweezers, s etc and hair need to remove impurities and extra hydration contribution a says Marco Aldany, Artistic Director of the mark. a Es most appropriate date for the application of this treatment, to perfect her hair again and above all, is the perfect gift for this Dia so senaladoa , a Aldany.a also added the a Treatment Brilloa Enhancer Aldany MARCO enhances the color of your hair naturally.

a Oeno is any chemical but thanks to its formula is obtained to enhance and define light and color, whether natural or dyed, in all types of hair and the entire color spectrum of blond hair, red hair, brown and morenasa added the stylist. A final argument for choosing this gift: the attractiveness of its price. a Solo costs EUR 15.99 and the result is inmediatoa , ends Aldany. About Marco Marco Aldany Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace, achieving a steady increase, year to year in revenues and profits. Note to journalists: For any extension of sending information or photographs, please contact us Journalist and Communication Director of Communication Salvia