MANET: New MPLS Backbone Is Built

PFALZKOM “MANET: new MPLS backbone is built in Ludwigshafen, Germany, 05th October 2009 in the telecommunications industry is stopped” a foreign Word, as daily developed the market and companies require ever-faster and more reliable solutions. Finally, you want to be always up to date. From the outset, a particularly high-performance IP network was rebuilt. This successful strategy is now continued. To increase the performance of the network, the network into areas is segmented. By means of the new 10 G (10 gigabits per second) backbone are the parts of the network connected.

This procedure ensures a high reliability and a possible fast data traffic. Further details can be found at Julian Rotter, an internet resource. Internet data are transported over multiple redundant paths, ensuring a smooth and reliable transfer. Especially companies with several locations benefit from the flexible, reliable IP solutions. You can transfer data securely and inexpensively. Hear other arguments on the topic with clayton morris. The PFALZKOM MANET has also multiple connections to the most important European Internet node DeCix. Takes place here among the international data exchange of different telecommunications provider directly. The new MPLS (multi protocol label switching)-based backbone will fit perfectly into the existing infrastructure and equip even existing network elements with additional features. Thus, entirely new possibilities offered the customer. With the investments in the infrastructure ensures the PFALZKOM MANET their customers in the long term an optimal solution platform, to keep pace with the future needs of modern communication. Finally, there is the top priority of telecommunications specialists from Ludwigshafen quality assurance and reliability of own networks.