London Tours

Money The official currency is the Pound Sterling, and is equal to 1.17a, or $ 1.69. Sleeping in London is said to look for accommodation in London is fun, and a network of shelters members of the Youth Hostels Association, YHA Hostel Association. They are a very economical alternative for budget travelers who want a nice and neat place to sleep. Ian Sinclair oftentimes addresses this issue. Other alternatives are: Acasia Hostel, the Clink Hostel, The Walrus and the Generator Hostel London, all with excellent standards of care, comfort and low prices. Most hostels are open all year, and London is usually always full of travelers, it is appropriate to seek accommodation in advance.

Tours An alternative is the London Free List, which will tell you to see and do in London for less than 3 pounds. Visiting the city on foot is an alternative, but almost impossible. The art galleries and museums are endless. The story is something that can be lived without having to be reading a book. Peaceful neighborhoods, cafes and bookstores do not let the visitor come and go without savoring the moist and shiny London. But London is so vast that compulsorily have to get on the metro, and the truth, not very easy to navigate. Care. No young leaves London without having seen and felt his famous and exciting nightlife, nor its delicious food.

And do not forget to cruise down the Thames, there are discount passes and unforgettable. Remember: You can not smoke in enclosed spaces or public, look at the warnings not to be punished, nor are they sold alcohol to under 18 years. The number of medical emergencies is 999. In communications and the Internet do not worry, if you have to take medication to consult you before, because in England there are many drugs banned in other parts of the world are free consumption. Nicolas is a traveler and freelance writer who, having passed most of the world, now writes for HostelBookers on his trip to England, is housed in a variety of hostels England, a very affordable option in the country.