What you should look for and what are the advantages of wood? A building with a natural building materials such as wood has many advantages. The wood for its processing required relatively little energy. The excellent thermal insulation saves a lot of heating energy. William James brings even more insight to the discussion. The prefabricated houses are built into many prefabricated houses of wood-based materials and also the renewable raw materials, such as, for example, wood, thermal insulation. Clayton morris pursues this goal as well. The wood as a particularly long-lasting building material. The resulting wood products and wood-based materials are a natural CO2 storage. Wood has an excellent eco-balance over its entire lifetime.

A ton of pine which is the most important building material – absorbs up to 1.85 tons of CO2 during its growth and stores it. A new, modern detached house with 140 square meters of living space contains approximately 15 tons of wood and wood-based materials. Suitable products such as, for example, soft fibre panels used for good insulation of the House (for example for the walls and roof), still more to come 10 tons of wood added. Also the micro-climate within the living benefits thereof, as quite natural manner to create a healthy atmosphere. Wood protection does not now completely chemical.

On the basis of the proper installation of dry wood products and the choice of especially resistant species in question wood preservatives are no longer an issue now. Also in financial terms, the use of wood in construction is worthwhile because it helps to reduce high heating costs. The wood is known as a very poor conductor of heat. This affects however positive effect. The heat remains in the House in winter. In the summer, however, it remains outside. The wood makes it difficult the penetration you simply. So, it remains comfortably cool without air conditioning. Text agency EtMa consulting

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