Horses With Colic Need Relief Fast

The colic in the general population of horses is estimated at 11% annually. Symptoms of colic in horses include abdominal pain, frequent urination, attempts at biting or pinching in the area of the stomach, restless step, scrape, bedtime and repeated lifting, roll, excess salivation and loss of appetite. The causes most common of the colic are gastrointestinal in nature and are they relieved with proper treatment, however some causes of the colic can prove fatal without surgical intervention. The natural way is penso once feeding a horse after exercise (and not before) may reduce the risk of colic. However, recent research suggests that it can be beneficial to horses if they are fed a small amount before exercise. It is recommended that a horse receive up to 18 hours to graze each day.

The feeding of carbohydrates restricted to a horse, making sure that food and water are drinking clean and preventing the ingestion of dirt or sand using a surface of high power, may decrease the risk of colic. Horses follow a schedule of diet and regular dental checkups. A regular diet that does not substantially change in content (or ratio) and the prevention of heat stroke can also serve to promote easy digestion and gastrointestinal harmony. There are homeopathic natural remedies known for its ability to provide short-term relief of symptoms of acute in horse colic. Taken internally, they treat acute symptoms such as stomach pain, cramps and wind helps your horse experience gastrointestinal calm. * Chamomilla (6 c) is frequently used to treat infant colic. It is gentle, calm and helps to relieve the pain and discomfort of stomach while that supports digestion. * Aconitum nap (6 c) is used to soothe gastrointestinal disturbances when the symptoms occur suddenly and tend to quickly subside with treatment.

* Belladonna (6 c) is often used to relieve stomach, this remedy is useful in treating spasmodic cramps during digestive disturbances. * Colocynth (6 c) has been used since ancient times for colic pains and digestive complaints. * Nux vom (6 c) 17TH century doctors discovered the stimulating effects of this homeopathic remedy on the digestive and nervous system. Original author and source of the article.