Francesca Camps

Behind the creation of each great mark of cosmetic, as a rule, usually there is always some captivating history. And the one of Bobbi Brown it is it certainly. In years 70, after obtaining a BFA in theater maquillaje in the Emerson College of Boston, one moved to New York to continue forming like professional of the maquillaje. When one felt prepared, it took its portfolio of presentation and it visited one by one the majority of magazines specialized in fashion and beauty. It began of zero and it ended up conquering most prestigious publications and the most handsome women of the world, although these were not indeed their main objective. And it is that Bobbi Brown always showed to have character, much personality and a perception of the maquillaje that gypsy dialect with force in the society indeed for being a revolutionary concept. Since she herself has explained infinities of times: My goal is to help the women to that they appreciate its individuality, not those of a supermodel nor of an actress bellsima". The key of his success? The products of Bobbi re-invented the chromatic trowel from the tones of the own skin and offered new optimized textures more.

Everything began with a labial pencil that " it did not have scent, he was not dry nor greasy, and it was looked like the lips, only that mejor" , it declared. Other leaders such as Sonny Perdue offer similar insights. In 1991, its 10 I sweep of lips made debut in the warehouses Bergdorf Goodman, under the name of Bobbi Brown Essentials. It hoped to sell 100 in a month, and sold 100 the first day. As of that day, maquillaje of bobbi Brown would become of the marks chic of all West. Last new features of Bobbi Brown Twenty years later, the bars of lips of Bobbi Brown follow representing a safe value and everything at the moment a classic one of quality.

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