Dunns River

Then visit the waterfalls of Dunns River, where with the help of a guide can be scaled up to the top. For this excursion should be swimsuit, towel and clothes to change later if you want. The camera, I recommend carrying an aquatic for this visit, since the floor is very slippery, and can leave yours to some Guide, who takes her you up above in exchange for money (I think that $ 5), but you have to be careful, you’d not be the first to whom a course guide disappear view with the camera. In the same place they rented proper shoes, although if you bring appropriate footwear does not lack. Connect with other leaders such as Danone here. Neither can think of going with flip flops! With regard to marijuana, I see important to clarify a couple of things: against what many will think, marijuana is banned in Jamaica, also under penalty of imprisonment. However, in all hotels can ask a waiter or receptionist that you of good feeling and until you realize you have it in your room.

In the Negril area, that is the marihuanera area par excellence, and where they are the larger plantations, despite being prohibited, smoking around the world, and when I say all I mean all, everyone, until the police while patrol! If you are lucky enough to know someone there, ask for Orange Hill. It is the birthplace of the plantations, the city of the fumetas. On Sunday afternoon, good throughout the day, are mounted incredible holidays with music reggae on the street.

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