Cancer Myths

In recent decades many products have been linked with cancer, among them we can mention, deodorants containing aluminum, mouthwashes with ethanol, the use of cell phones, paint for hair, artificial sweeteners, Statins for lowering cholesterol. This created the need for research that has been observed: in relation to sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame according to the National Cancer Institute, there is no evidence that suggests that these substances cause cancer in human beings. Mouthrinses containing ethanol have been linked to oral cancer. Researchers theorize that these can do oral tissues more vulnerable to known carcinogens, such as of the cigarettes. Mouthwash is safe when used according to instructions, the American ADA Dental Association (once or twice a day and do not swallow). People who smoke, have a family history of oral cancer or have other risk factors should prefer non-alcoholic brands to be on the safe side, according to the ADA.

A 2007 study linked certain Statin, lovastatin, simvastatin, Pravastatin, fluvastatin (in high doses) with various types of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate. But in research recent carried out in the school of Medicine of Tufts University in Boston, found that they do not increase the risk of cancer. With regard to mobile phones, studies so far have not been conclusive. However, it seems to exist a rate slightly eldest of gliomas, these results participants gave their own estimates of the amount of time spent talking, what may have muddied the results. Researchers in Europe have launched an even larger study.

Has it been linked also to deodorants containing aluminum with increase the risk of breast cancer. But there is no sufficient evidence that demonstrate the certainty of this assertion. Little evidence indicates they may be harmful. Is they need further studies to ensure that there is no risk. Concern that there could be a connection between hair dye and cancer was to cause of finding a pattern of bladder cancer in men hairdressers and barbers. There are very few tests to tell if people who use products from time to time in the House are also at risk. Agency for research on Cancer was based on studies conducted at different times, so that any increased risk could result from strong exposure to chemicals that are found in disuse today. It is not clear whether the chemicals used in current dyes are cause cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. Most of the tests, however, have not been supported with this link. It is important to remember that there are many other substances we consume or use every day and still not have been associated with this terrible disease, but if you can you do is avoid as far as possible the products more related to cancer and those who are already known to increase the risk of suffering as it is the case of cigarette, smoke, pollution, etc. Try to have a healthy and natural diet, exercise and don’t smoke. There are natural remedies such as antioxidants that may help minimize these risks since they would act by eliminating the free radicals that are produced with the oxidative stress of cells more injuring tissues. One of the antioxidants that exist as natural remedies is the Antioxiblend-Pro.