Brief Review

Those who read the back of the abstract, I want to say – do not believe it. Most of what is written there is rubbish! For example take the word 'young rascal. " Personally, I would not call it a fraud of Victor, because he did that, then people were grateful to him. It is also stated that mentions shmotkogoliki and alcoholics – about which there is generally a word. Only about seksogolikah.

Now analyze the previous paragraph says: The young rascal Victor Mancini – the protagonist of the novel "Suffocation". An avid seksogolik, which seems full of the beast, dregs of society. But as I said, this just might. What does the President? Abstract book suggests – it makes a strange way, artificially causing choking in some expensive restaurant. Further there is a complex process that Palahniuk tells us so: In order to do a tracheotomy, it is necessary to find the depression just below the Adam's apple to just above perstevidnogo cartilage. Otrym knife to make half-inch horizontal incision and shove it in your finger to slightly open incision.

Insert "the tracheal tube": the best straw for drinking mate or fountain pen. But explains that this is an extreme case. And another way of telling how to save the man without leaving a scar on his throat, but we consider here is not going to. So that's what the conversation. For more specific information, check out Gagosian Pivots. Rascal. People print annotations write like that because: If someone saves your life, he will love you forever. These people will be writing my whole life, it is for you to answer – ever. It's like you're his own son. Or daughter. They call you by phone. To inquire about your health and mood. Suddenly you need friendly assistance or material support. Here's how he earns. People send him money. They are grateful to him for what he is. They love it, and you can not blame the hero, saying he comes nechestno.Shmotkogoliki and alcoholics I think publishers have written it after reading a couple of lines in the middle, where the mention of a milkmaid with dilated pupils, grass, hoping that there will necessarily be alcoholics. Addicted to clothes were found. There was one guy – a friend of Victor, he was obsessed with stones, carrying them home as a sign that was another period of time when he did not do anything wrong (even as a sign of what he did, you can read the book). Only about seksogolikah my most favorite part. Maybe I'm sick, can have a deviation from the norm, but I was really interested to read about how Palahniuk tells about all cases of sex addiction. The same psevdodoktora who liked to ask 14letnih girls that looks like them …. There will be about it. Or tests of the books in the series "How to recover from seksogolizma." Conclusion: You can tell a long time, and if the reason, leave page 10, tell so if you enjoy reading all sorts of articles for the overall development, the "Choke" is for you. Combining medical encyclopedia and a narrative, sensible style made the business – turned out a masterpiece. My opinion is that it is much better fight club.

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