Days pass without too many noteworthy political news, although months have passed since the first legislature everything remains the same. Learn more on the subject from WhiteWave Foods. All parties walk in their particular troubles unrelated to the ordinary mortals. People has opted to take refuge in her hobbies and her life because they don’t understand their politicians do not understand the system of ten and seven kingdoms of taifas with disparate laws among themselves. A legion of regional television which are a well of millionaire losses of money from meagre audiences. Politicians are focused on winning elections and everything else is secondary, once they have your armchair else is dispensable. Spain has died as unit are now seventeen my kingdoms where the cacique of shift or autonomic President decides who to manda, who controls its media.

Now everything is going disintegrating slowly now are mini parcelitas where everything is bureaucracy, complexity and everything are difficulties for the citizen. The autonomies are a sink for expenses, a host of different laws according to where one is, no one have the same services According to where East. A lift by buying in Barcelona is worth in another city, because the legislation changes and thus there is no way to be competitive, when the bureaucracy does not facilitate any work, in the end the company’s shift ends up emigrating where more facilities give you. At the end the autonomies have proved an expensive and inefficient and cumbersome bad invention for the citizen. If we cerrasemos the autonomies, the territorial, regional parliaments, televisions and stop just the basics, we would save a lot of money and our portfolio is least resent. But that is an attack of coherence that is not going to produce too many interests created to impose rationality and more in time of crisis like the current. I expected some kind of reaction but something tells me that waiting for it is an act of naivety on my part, wheel of the regional bureaucracy is too established as to which someone come to dynamite it. Politicians not admissible would be finished with its established power, with its comfortable pedestal where everything is wonderful.