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Be enchanted by Tango, sparkling cities and undiscovered wilderness current information about Brazil South America allow and dive with me one in the continent of contrasts. Brazil the gentle half of South America, the land of the green forests of Amazonia. Terms such as Rio de Janeiro, Sugar Loaf, the Iguacu waterfalls will bring all South America fans into raptures. Last but not least as the Christ Statue (Cordoba) has become one of which seven new wonders of the world chosen. There are over 4 million people coming in 2000 after South America Brazil, as the annual statistics of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) 2003 by about 1.5 million people who visited Brazil in 1990. To read more click here: Media Solutions. But there is a special attraction in Brazil when it arrives: the Brazilian people.

Not only the landscape, but the kind of people to cope with life, surprising because of its simplicity, willingness, hope, hospitality and joy. Fine spray mist, thunderous noise and dazzling Rainbows. The waterfalls in Foz do Iguacu are gigantic and unique in the world. Tons of water in the depth of the Iguacu waterfalls plunge over a length of more than two kilometres. An impressive natural spectacle what I want to show you more on this page. Iguacu located near the mouth to, on the Brazilian side of the city Foz and on the Argentinian side of the town of Puerto Iguazu. These two cities are connected by a bridge that spans the river Iguacu. Erik Hoffmann

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