Boston Latin School

The beginning of the beginning of the United States, Boston is the city of pioneers and is to understand the history of this country you have to discover each of the achievements that were made by the culture and the mentality to evolve. Since the city was proclaimed in 1822 and after living big episodes in the history of independence, he has managed to evolve while respecting the tradition, not in vain, it has one of the highest levels of life in North America. Accommodation in USA is often a problem because it is expensive in relation to the quality that they offer. But there are a large number of hostels in Bostonque can offer different services for a reasonable price (20 night with breakfast) and in many cases are in the center of the city. Located in the area called New England was founded by English Puritans that molded a stable and structured society. To get spread their morale they created the first public school in the country, Boston Latin School in 1636.

In this school, which can be visited, men were prepared to be priests and women could not attend. The input is presided over by a bronze statue of Benjamin Franklin and is still a school today which saved part of the history of the city since it also served as the Town Hall. Boston is also the city’s first tuition that would result in the current Harvard. Located in Cambridge, on the other side of the Charles River, is one of the most prolific universities of the world, not in vain account with 25,000 students. The campus also has a well-known square where street artists, bars and restaurants come together with very affordable prices.