Zenit Vladislav Radimov

Boyarsky). The authors have made thorough contribution to the creation of several albums of lyrical, nostalgic songs of Tanya Bulanova – 'Birthday', 'Love'. In 1999, the singer has decided to experiment with their creativity and recorded the album 'Flock' approximate the style of rock music. In the video, filmed for the song 'Wind sang' from the album the singer was not to learn, even from her first and last name in the video were only the first two letters – a taboo. Of course, such a move by the singer has been rated as very brave, but not quite understandable.

But many fans liked the experiment, and most Tatiana more like those songs, though, the album had little commercial success. Pursue a career rock singer Tanya did not dare. Although this stage did not carry a negative tone – for Tanya Bulanova was important not to stand still, not to lose myself in creativity. The year 2000 marked a very significant turning point in the singing of the Tania. By creating arrangements have attracted young, full of energy and ideas Cvetkoff dj. That's a new Tanya cd 'My Dream', which took all the leading position in the charts of the Russian radio stations.

Striking a hit in 2000 was the same title track from their new album. It turned out the music of Tanya Bulanova and waited. The next disc with the song 'golden age' has become popular for a month before his birth: 'thanks' pirates who managed to steal a copy of the soundtrack and multiply 'Golden pores' in the country. Due to the real album had to rename the 'Gold of Love'. Another experiment was Tanya's collaboration with a young group of 'Cardinal'. Together were recorded three songs, two of which on well-known hits teams 'Rammstain' and 'Wimpscut'. With the release of new album 'A game', written, as well as the album 'My dream', in collaboration with Oleg Popkov, Tatiana has again become one of the leading music charts. In 2003, Tanya made the first his son Alexander, they have wonderful happened to sing together a few children's songs. At the final concert of the 'Song of the Year 2003' Tatiana were awarded a prize named after K. for his contribution to ravitie Patriotic songs thus underlining the national recognition and love for the singer. In November 2004, Tatiana was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia, as confirmed at the highest level of love and recognition of the public. In May 2005, the singer is going through a divorce with her first husband, Nikolai Tagriny with whom they lived together for 13 years. In October 2005, Tanya was going to marry a famous footballer St. Petersburg team Zenit Vladislav Radimov, and in March 2007 at the star couple is born the son of Nikita. In 2007, , Oksana offers Tanya try yourself as a writer, Tatyana on the proposal meets the agreement and during pregnancy, wrote autobiographical book titled 'The territory of women, where talks about his life and love. Tatyana tried myself and as an actress, so in 2007 she starred in the film Vitaly Aksenova 'Love ', may still be playing the lead female role. At issue is whether you have credo, Tanya says: 'The main thing – no one to envy. But it is difficult for, because jealousy is inherent in absolutely everything, someone to a lesser extent, to someone more. Envious – poor people, but I managed in time to cope with jealousy and learn enjoy life, this is my main secret of life '.