Wheel Loader Manitou

Thanks to its agility and small enough size, they are great for various jobs in construction, for a wide range of earth-moving, loading, unloading, staging, rigging and transportation works, planning areas, moving rubble, gravel, sand and other materials in construction, industry, logging (interchangeable equipment), utilities and other sectors. Due to its uniqueness and exceptional technical data loader ML 40 is intended for the construction and lessors, municipalities and the landscape for this type of operation as a mass excavation, backfilling or the movement of cargo on pallets. The line of trucks MANILOADER includes both wheel loaders and articulated a series, as well as trucks with a rotary spade MLB 625 – these trucks can take the load of the embankment in front of him and to pour it on the right or the left side, without changing its position during road repair and public works, construction of engineering structures and cargo handling in tight spaces. Backhoe Loader can be used to Digging trenches, excavations, or apply for drainage. MANIHOE offers two advantages for the operator: Increased productivity and ease of use. In addition to loading buckets of different sizes (standard, for bulk materials such as low specific gravity of coal and snow), front loaders excavators are fitted with interchangeable equipment. Including the loader can be mounted buckets of various sizes and purposes, bucket in the capture, multi-purpose bucket, forks, lifting boom, hammer, sweeper brush, derrick.

Heavy wheel loaders are used for the development of small pits in rock loaded in the truck. System quick coupler to replace the bucket to forks in just 45 seconds. The original solution carriage MANITOU proven reliability and durability for more than 100 000 vehicles. Engine, transmission and axles for optimum performance with Traction 8200 dN. Wheelbase 2770 mm in the machine provides excellent stability and excellent traction on uneven surfaces. By the customer's standard backhoe can be replaced by an elongated, with departure of up to 8 meters wide range of buckets for excavation and planning: from 300 to 1500 mm. Presented range of machines for agriculture MANITOU, but first it must be noted telehandler Maniscopic MLT and all-terrain series trucks that perform many functions on any farm.

Powerful, versatile, efficient and reliable machines are ideal for farming, towing a trailer. These machines have a wider range of additional equipment. The company MANITOU BF SA are made to order non-standard additional equipment based on specific customer requirements. Prepared according to the CVH.

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