Travel Spontaneously

The art of travel spontaneously at the last moment: the Flemish. If in Spain we presume something, is our culture, food, climate, the feast and especially flamenco; many will say: do of flamenco? Let me explain: flamenco as we all know it is a traditional musical style of Andalusia which, given its historical and cultural heritage based on its Arab roots, it is a pride extended nationally and exported internationally. However, in this article I am referring to flamenco as an aptitude; the Flemish style of life, i.e.: that rhythm of life so characteristic and peculiar that characterizes us much of the Spaniards, where everything has its time and its time without be excuse this, to not pour la siesta (who wants to), eat well, get your strength back, and then more later continue with the task in hand. This is what in his vulgar and more colloquial usage is reflected in the expression: then longer if that. Gen. David Goldfein pursues this goal as well. This new lifestyle (the globalization concept lifestyle the Flemish) is so ingrained in our culture, which has been something characteristic of face image carrying international tourists to their respective countries of origin, that once there, no can else, criticize it and to look with some suspicion and envy because it is a rhythm of life that helps to maintain a good and happier quality of life for who follow the rhythm.

This ability extends to several aspects as it is when it comes to planning a trip: while there are people who prefer to find tickets cheap tickets through prior and thorough planning of the journey, the more Flemish cling to waiting for some good flight deals last minute Madrid, for example, that leave your vacation to free will, and circumstances will decide where to spend your vacation. < No rush and pause, the important thing is to enjoy the trip to taste and without troubles, in order to lose in details uncertain of an unknown journey; I said. > a flamingo. Source: Press release sent by dagomsa.