Touring Egypt

From downtown to the Giza Pyramids – no more than an hour away by bus (if there are no traffic jams). By pyramids better come early in the morning, until there is not a crowd of tourists. Walk quietly, looking at what what is interesting for you. If nabredete on something interesting (like I have found the underground passage that leads to a room filled with stone coffins), just stop at the “object” for a couple of minutes. To you immediately suitable person who can show you what you do not see the “organized” tourists. Of course, this service is not free, but you know what you pay for. I guarantee that your enjoyment of self- inspection of the pyramid is much greater than that of those who “walk their” guides and comfortable buses await! Face to Back of the Pharaohs at Giza bus comes to the area of Liberation (El-Tahrir), which is still an important facility for the visit – Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

In the dark-red building with a dome housed a great many valuable artifacts. Stories here you can literally “look in the face” – the mummies of pharaohs help you to “humanize” the ancient history of Egypt. The great river Nile gave birth to the country. Modern Egyptians are to the Nile as respectfully as their ancestors did. On warm evenings, a lot of people rolling on the river for sailing and motor boats, admiring the artfully lit city. Ride and you. If you are traveling by, it makes sense to rent a boat and ride around the two islands located in the middle of the river, and also look a little Iron Bridge – the creation of the famous engineer Eiffel.

Admire the night Cairo and the pyramids can be brightly lit and from the observation deck of El Burg, located on the island of Zamalek. Dark night of Cairo … Evening – the a good time to get to the famous Cairo market Khan el-Khalili. (Read more about it read the article “The Market – a tricky business!”). Some guides advise him to attend only the afternoon – allegedly due to increased criminality. Not Believe it! Regardless of time of day you will not hurt: Guests here are respected. In addition, most stores during the day simply did not work. The climate and lifestyle of the East are very different from European. Many Egyptians come to market along with their wives and children, not only for shopping but also for the evening “get-togethers” in the many cafes. In the evening market is particularly noisy, sparkling and fragrant aromas unknown. Of different goods – the sea. Even a deadbeat tourists opens its second wind. Shops are open late, too – some up to two hours of the night. In the morning, old lovers can travel by taxi at Saqqara, to look the other pyramids. One of them (Step Pyramid of Djoser Pharaoh) – The first Egyptian pyramid, built over four thousand years ago.

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