Thermal Insulation Glass

Superkalteblocker against cold glass Windows and balcony doors. Many property owners are wondering, why during the cold season again and again on their Windows and balcony doors condensation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jill Schlesinger. Often, there are only a few drops of water at the bottom of the glass, which if they are not removed, can lead to mold. Sometimes the water attack is however so strong that the window sill is constantly damp. The glass itself seems to be fine however. The spacer between the glass is responsible for this phenomenon. Since the insulating glass was invented which are double – and triple glasses with a spacer made of aluminium. It is now clear that aluminum this is extremely inappropriate, because the thermal conductivity is very high.

The effect on the heat protection is serious. While in the middle of the glass is the disk near room temperature, it cools so strongly to the edge, that condenses the moisture in the air on the inside of the glass and water droplets are seen forming. In the extreme case occurs very cold winter days even ice cream on. For several years are already very reasonably priced alternatives to the aluminum spacers available. Under the generic term Superkalteblocker”they all have common, that they are no longer composed of aluminium, but made of stainless steel, stainless steel plastic or silicone. These materials have a much lower thermal conductivity than aluminum and hold the temperature at the edge of the glass. “” These standoffs are known under the name of Thermix”Swisspacer”or simply as warm edge”. A description and photos can be found on the Internet at and for the builders and renovators the window – door Studio Wintro in Ulm ( provides and samples and more information. 26.5.2010, Alexander Lippert