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Understand this and assume it no doubt would be the key to start thinking the right way, the changes needed to stop the catastrophe looming.The day without shopping is an interesting proposal to which we adhere and support, having as the final and most important objective, become conscious consumers and responsible for the 365 days of the year. The NGO says in a statement that the current model of consumption is socially and environmentally unsustainable and It asserts that initiatives like this help to denounce the social and environmental crisis that this consumption model has led.In this regard, it supports alternatives such as fair trade, ethical banking or stores for organic products, which call into question conventional trade, that isn’t fair, conventional banking, which is unethical, and the intensive, unsustainable food industry.In addition, it points out that there are other projects underway, in reduced scale, they function as real alternatives of sustainable and socially responsible consumption rehearsal spaces. Thus, self-managed consumption of organic products cooperatives represent a citizen initiative that encourages direct contact between the critical consumer and producer sustainable and, in the same way, generates a culture of cooperation locally, between neighbors, that the Mall and the large surface area have been removed almost completely Ecologistas en Accion disseminates and supports these alternatives, which are a way to sustainable consumption to small and medium scale. For example, fair trade, ethical banking or ecological products stores have managed to carve a niche and, at the same time, jeopardize the conventional trade (not fair), conventional banking (no ethics) and industry (non-sustainable) intensive feeding good .the adds thereon, that the day without shopping is not intended to change the behavior during a single day. But serve as reflection for our daily behavior. No shopping day aims to introduce into the heads of everyone a concern with the future and a critical spirit with the society of the garbage that we are creating. original author and source of the article.