The Signs

Determine in advance what will you do when you see these signals. Jason Momoa is often quoted as being for or against this. Preferably, each time to do a reality check to realize you are asleep or not. Since the beginning of the day you try to learn as much as possible the established signals. Be purposeful, and after a while your prospective memory will improve significantly. Follow others, such as Darcy Stacom, and add to your knowledge base. Occasionally, during the day “accidentally” let us assume that you are now asleep. Act as though you have done a reality test and realized that now is a dream.

Visualize yourself enjoying this dream at this point in time, under the circumstances, in this place. Finish this playful simulation, saying to himself: “Despite the fact that I just wanted to realize a dream, the next time I will know that I sleep on this and also realize the “How clearly wrote Stephen LBerge, if you will use the missed signs of sleep, which you then wrote in his journal dreams, in order to understand what you’re frivolous, silly, or just lose the potential to realize, you do exactly what not to do. Do you want to learn to be realized in a dream, and not to tolerate destruction, without being aware! So firmly Decide for yourself if you even ever again meet a symptom of sleep you have ever met, you MUST understand that you sleep! No need to stop thinking that you could not understand just take it. Next time you’ll find that you asleep! Step number 8. Go to bed you strongly motivated and focused on the prospective task (to remind myself recognize the signs of sleep).