The Principles

The largest challenge for all Mexicans is put in our minds the principles and values against corruption. Ideally, people avoid entirely the corruption, which can be difficult for temptation but not impossible. Simply to accept the consequences of their actions; imposing sanctions must be fair; abide by and respect the salaries of everyone; perform the procedures necessary and required by law; be aware of what corruption implies and causes as well as any other problem and be willing to leave aside corruption. Today corruption is seen as something normal and natural, and although they are against or certain people don’t like them, actually never done something about, or at least not something that works. All of this strengthens little ethical values such as dishonesty, deceit, disloyalty, among others. As a researcher, the subjective part of the issue is that it should not be so much dishonesty among people, so much selfishness, I think that it is, selfishness, because only they seek the personal wealth regardless of consequences or implying corruption. All as a society we must give prominence to the problem and not leave it as something natural or passenger since it implies and causes many economic problems, in addition to the ethical.

To give you an objective approach, would leave out the emotions and see corruption as a comprehensive problem. Corruption in the practice sees the selfishness of the human since you only see their interests and doesn’t care about the consequences that may cause to the corrupt. In terms of theory, corruption is seen as a benefit for individuals where two parties are seen to corrupt, benefiting: who calls the service and who pays it. The purpose of who corrupted, as I said before, is an illegal profit either monetary or in service and not is the only Government, but also of citizens in general. It has to do with selfishness, dishonesty, comfort, among other factors and values.

Corruption exists universally and member countries of the OECD have taken steps to combat international corruption mainly participating in programs to generate takes consciousness about international efforts against corruption. To impose tougher sanctions who corrupted, it would be a good action to take to reduce corruption, as well as the measures mentioned above in the ideal type. Also create awareness and strengthen values contrary to those who favor corruption can be a good action to take. If only, both the Government and the citizenry, had consciousness and realized the consequences and what cause to corrupt, if the bureaucracy realized what causes, if you have honesty values more solids, corruption would decrease. Corruption has become habit which makes it more difficult its eradication. All citizens know that corruption is a negative action for all, however, his actions seem otherwise; It has become so everyday and natural, than people who offered the bribe they come to ask, even compel, which is even worse. People who see it as a good thing and not realize what encompasses can even be found. As to corruption, you could say that they all have the same thinking, although it is not so, because they are in agreement or not with corrupt, at one time or another they do so for different situations. Very few people that do not corrupt and you are would be which really differ with what corruption is. They have similar ideas or differ, people flock to corruption in a natural way as a means of comfort, agility and own enrichment.