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What is the main cause of stress? And the answer will be the money why money?, because money deals to many things essential in life, such as: power, education, transportation, personal care, health, fun, housing, etc. The truth is that the money helps to improve the quality of life in all senses but many people forbid denying, without water is required for a community, the solution is not to worry about water or throw a bridge, the solution is simple, bring water to that community, same thing happens with the money, to avoid becoming a problem the best thing is to get it and abundantly, wealth is actually infinite for those who believe in it, it’s like the arts or music, are and will be infinite because there will always be new ideas, is exactly the same with the money, but we must believe in the depths of our being. This is a wonderful universe, there are millions and millions of ideas every day to make this world one place enjoyable, so let’s think about what we can contribute, this is the era of information and that represents money, we put in place our ideas and we have a prosperous life, it is possible and will be easy to the extent that we create, we think, feel and act in that direction.