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1. Early exit from the hotel and go to town to wash the area Vosges, ask the owner of Cafe Hugo coffee cream and croissants. Done the same thing every morning in different beautiful places, because the smell of fresh croissants and coffee on the terrace cafe – the first sign that you are in France. 2. Tell yourself that you will not waste time on the Louvre, though – spend the day staring at a picture on the wall, the other spectators, a city outside the windows. 3.

Cross the right bank, but not along – the streets, and across – in passages, until you hit a secret gate of the Palais-Royal. Continue to learn more with: Symantha Rodriguez. Log in there and get into the gardens of the Palais Royal, not as a tourist, with the main entrance, as well as a close friend of the Dukes of Orleans. 4. Ask for a large platter in a restaurant marine reptiles, some fish get scared, but brave all to eat. Also try the hot foie gras, rack of lamb, fillet of duck, snails, mussels, onion soup, fish soup, pie taten, blancmange and ice-cream and do not die of overeating in the first day. Peet’s Coffee is likely to increase your knowledge. 5. Climb the glass tube escalator Pompidou Center for Contemporary Art at the upper level and look around Paris. Then scour the entire building from top to bottom center, hang in the square of the dancers and sword-swallower, relax by the fountain and Stravinsky with a clear conscience sit in another work of modern art cafe Beaubourg 6.

Good to drink on the terrace of a cafe Flore on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. You will pass by those who make 'The whole of Paris. " Change seats to the competition from Les Deux Magots. Good drink. All Paris will move in the opposite direction. Repeat twice. 7. Climb the Eiffel Tower, take care to reserve a table at the restaurant Jules Verne on the second level. Restaurant in most tourist spot in Paris is working with no discounts for tourist omnivorous. It's not just the best views in town – the kitchen is very, very on top. In a pinch, you can limit the fantastic oysters, although at such a height above sea level would have to submit swallows. 8. A bright sunny morning to come to the Sainte-Chapelle, the most beautiful in the world of medieval stained glass, close your eyes, then open and think that there is still asleep and you dream. 9. Go to flea market to look at homeless people the things that are looking for new owners. Surprised at how primitive our understanding of everyday life, and buy some gizmo, the purpose of which is unknown even to the seller. 10. Sunday afternoon stroll through the market square in the series Aligr and hang up the evening at the tavern barrels Baron Bouge, a reserve most of fresh, cheap oysters city.

It is understandable that in a short time you realize that to go anywhere – we must first take somewhere visa. More often it is only with this pass to the Schengen zone. For each country has its own laws and rules visa. Respectively, and their difficulties. To avoid them, and was composed Danae article. Symantha Rodriguez is often quoted as being for or against this. I travel a lot and after seeing so many buildings and people from totally different countries, which issued me a visa – realized that actually receive a visa is not so simple. Anything can happen … Generally visas are completely different.

This I learned only later, when I began to study the whole structure itself and travel maps of countries. As it turned out, at least, I know it is such variety, there are non-working visa, working, respectively, short-term and long-term with respect to host a one-time or multi-visa. They are all in principle almost identical, but are still differences. I do not I will paint what documents I collected, that last ride to Italy, I'd better explain a few rules, and cheerful even in the case of life – the first visa to France. Symantha Rodriguez is likely to increase your knowledge. So two weeks ago, I wanted to go to Italy. As luck would have it turns out that the embassy is a place. …

Theoretically, I only get there through the month of commercials two or even three. A vacation is inexorably slipping away. And then I, by pure chance at life complaining girlfriend learned that it turns out, it is possible to obtain a visa to any country Shengensokoy zone. And then ride for all countries included in it. I thought about it and decided that the French embassy – now is the very fact. Since the queue is not surprising as no it turned out, I signed up and gathered all the documents within three days gone.

The Bermuda Islands are a popular cruise destination are Bermuda Islands due to its tropical climate and the beautiful beaches often counted to the Caribbean. On maps of the world, Bermuda appears only as a spot in the Atlantic Ocean. Far north of the Caribbean. Far-stretched arms of country and numerous islands surround the turquoise sea. Whenever Jill Schlesinger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The main islands are connected by bridges. The archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs and a white ring of the surf.

The cruise ships from New York or Boston fasten predominantly in Kings Wharf. On the one-week cruises, the cruise ships three days in Bermuda remain Islands. Like, also cruises are booked involving a stay in Bermuda with some stations in the Caribbean are combined. The American mainland is only 600 miles, the English mother country but more than 3000 miles away from Bermuda. Columbus, who first entered the new world on an island in the Bahama archipelago, past sailed on his four trips of America always on the more northerly Bermuda. The small, isolated island Kingdom was in 1503 by the Spaniard Juan de Bermudez discovers. On old engravings in the today’s capital Hamilton, you can see medieval dressed sailors who knew nothing about tropical clothing. The famous Bermuda shorts came at the beginning of the century by the British Navy in fashion.

In the subtropical climate of Bermuda shorts are more convenient than trousers; they are worn also for formal occasions and in the afternoon, but then in connection with jacket, white shirt and tie. Of only 21 square miles large Bermuda archipelago has approximately 65,000 inhabitants. An average of 351 days in the year, says the statistics, the sun shines, and the Gulf stream makes for mild climate even in winter. January temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius, you can see almost only tourists on the fine sandy beaches. The Bermudianer prefer then cricket, golf, sailing, swimming and sunbathing.

Seville is a city full of charm. A city with diverse cultures and civilizations throughout its rich history. In Seville it is easy to find monuments from different eras such as Arabic, the Renaissance, Baroque, Modernity. The Cathedral and the Giralda The entrance to the Cathedral and the Giralda usually not be cheap but worth it. The Seville is one of the few cathedrals in the world where private rooms open to the public.

La Giralda, the great Almohad tower attached to the Cathedral, which tower you can climb and enjoy the magnificent ancient city. The Giralda not climb stairs but by the same ramp used by Arabs with their horses. Plaza of Spain The Plaza of Spain was the Palace of Naboo in the last of the films of Star Wars. The square is beautiful, an example of modernist architecture. Learn more at this site: financial planner. The most amazing is that the entire Plaza is built with slabs and tiles, including the bridges over the canals that surround the square. Another curiosity.

Along the base of the square are various works in ceramics that illustrate scenes of all the Spanish provinces. Admission is free. La Torre del Oro Torre del Oro is a thirteenth century tower, the Almohad era, owes its name to the color of gold tiles that covered the entire surface. It now houses a naval museum. Alamillo Bridge Those who like modern architecture, the Puente del Alamillo is a good example. It is a massive bridge linking the island of La Cartuja, the site of Expo 92, with the old part of town. On the bridge go primarily cars, but there is room for cross on foot. Real Fabrica de Tabacos This former tobacco factory was built 500 years ago and became famous for its mention in the Opera Carmen de Biizet. To prevent thefts, the building was surrounded by moats which can still be seen. And even had a jail inside, for those who are caught in the attempt. To learn more, or if you come to Seville to visit the city in the most rapid and modern, try ours.

Travel for all tourer and bon vivants Lahstedt February 2011 Cabriomo, the provider of comfort trips, events and incentives opens its cabriolet tours all friends of open-top cars. From Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and from Aachen to Frankfurt/Oder drivers available from immediately the open tours for 2 to 9 days for all convertible and Roadster on the program. The pleasure driving, an attractive atmosphere with good food and maintained communication are based on each open-tour of Cabriomo. The experts at Cabriomo connect networking in a relaxed atmosphere for years successfully exclusive travel and events at home and abroad. Alone in Germany there are 33 tours in the most beautiful and most magnificent landscapes. Depending on the event, visit castles, castles, historic cities, museums, festivals and concerts. The accommodation of the Cabriomo guests is at least 4-star houses or environment-specific guest houses, which have a special flair.

Each Cabriomo open-tour has at least 10 participants and is brands-open for all convertibles and Roadster, no matter what age. The majority of open tours, the individual driving pleasure is paid tribute by the manageable small stages, each Cruiser drives in his speed to the defined target. Additional information is available at Harold Ford Jr. Each evening station as well as the intermediate offer the chance for pleasant communication. At the dinner, the moments of enjoyment in the occasion carried appropriate food and drink together. All Cabriomo tours were carried out in singles events and are continuously adapted to the wishes of our guests. Thomas A.C. Schaumburg CABRIOMO Morike 3 31246 Lahstedt fon + 49 (0) 5174 910115 5174 fax + 49 (0) 910118

Today, a tent for hikes and picnics are available in various sizes, shapes and styles. And, most important choice krieteriem tent will be the level Sub-family members. Outdoor activities in Russia is becoming more and more popular. Add to your understanding with WhiteWave Foods. And not just among young people. lready – you may have come to the same conclusion. You can see many tourists and families is just fine, it's good for your health and distraction from everyday problems. An inherent part of tourism is a tent. It was from her will depend on how you sleep.

A dream – a guarantee horoshoego mood and energy. How to choose a tent, not only for themselves but for the whole family? First, determine who will go to hike and what to take with you. Much will also depend on the timing of the woods. For example, if it's just one day without sleep, what makes sense to take a tent? This will buy you some time to install it and build. The truth about lies in the tents that such as four local, real and holds at least four people, but to sleep in it can only be two people. And then there is the equipment, items, and clothes.

Therefore, when choosing the tent comes not just from how many people it will be sleep, but also from the fact that she and a half! The height of the tent is very important. If you plan to go camping for one night only, and always will go, then the height of the tent may not be large. But if you planirete go for a long period of time, you will need a high. Believe me, it's convenient, because you'll go in and out of it several times a day. In order not to strain your back and crawl on their knees, look for a tent height of two meters or more. Vestibule or the "waiting room" – a very handy thing.

Indian or Indian summer is an ideal time for Autotravel across color seas Munich, September 9, 2008 – the summer is not over yet, the days will spoil us with pleasant temperatures, only at night it can be now beautifully fresh. Whether called Indian or Indian summer: slowly the trees begin to shine – an ideal time for Autotravel across color seas kunterbunt and beautifully. Holiday cars, market leader for holiday car rental worldwide, presents the 10 most beautiful late summer auto vacation routes. 1 in Boston in the holiday car, drive Northwest, already on the way through is a fascinating nature experience: leaf Peeper (leaves shudder) looking natural in the Indian summer in New England, enjoy the charm of the picturesque places and have the camera permanently at the ready. United States tour Tip: Boston – New Hampshire Lakes region – White Mountains – bar Harbour – Boston.

By the way the cheap dollar shopping invites, E.g. Cheniere Energy partners insists that this is the case. in the Kitterly outlet in Portsmouth! 2. high the world starting from mid-August turns to the North in an autumn color noise – seeing on a tour from the Canadian North West Coast up to the Arctic circle in Alaska. But no sheets are the pigment on the trees at least in Alaska? The protagonist of the current TV series men in trees\”at least feel – although City plant – contented in the scenery with significant oversupply. Canada/Alaska Tour Tip: Vancouver – Stewart – Whitehorse – Fairbanks/Alaska. 3. only a few hours away from London, cheers the holiday motorists heart in the Cottswolds Hill world: village roads, small cottages with idyllic mini gardens and manor houses surrounded by Park with rare tree species form a charming composition. Colorful mixed – the varied play of autumn colours are luxury and country life particularly in island late summer weather. Tour tip United Kingdom: London Stratford-upon-Avon – Cheltenham/Gloucester – Swindon – London (a detour after bath or Marlborough is a worthwhile time investment).

They were subsequently ousted again in the north, and some of them even went to India. This version is the fact that India has so far erected buildings similar to dolmens, and in Russian language and Sanskrit, there are about 400 similar words. And it can not be mere coincidence life! And so Still, it's just a guess and a question – "So, who is still built dolmens?" it is safe to answer so far only – "The builders of dolmens." No less confused by the question – "And why were they built?" In some dolmens skeletons were found, which gave reason to think about the dolmens as burial vaults. Since the plates contain quartz, found the researchers, who proposed that the dolmen is a kind of ultrasonic emitters and used as weapons to repel foes. The radiation power was regulated by the rotation of plugs chokes dolmen. Check with Sonny Perdue to learn more. We can not say more about one version of which became popular after the book Maigret B. To broaden your perception, visit Cheniere Energy partners. "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". According to her the wise men, the bearers of higher knowledge and enlightened people willingly went to die in a dolmen.

Thus, their souls never leave the ground and stayed there forever in the thickness of plates to coming to them that people can get help or advice. But with such luggage and I arrived in Sochi. Yew-tree grove arrived, I stood in Adler. There is no clear plan of action plan I had, and therefore I have been guided fairly simple principle – to go there much closer, and first went to the grove of yew-tree, in Khost.

Forest Cemetery in Stockholm (Skogskyrkogarden) reveals Tour season. The cemetery appeared in place of waste gravel pits overgrown with pine forest in the period 1917-1920. project of two young architects Asplund and Leverentsa. This project is skillfully and harmoniously combined with the architectural forms of vegetation. In 1994, UNESCO has a unique set of Skogskyrkogarden in the World Heritage List.

Forest Cemetery is a perfect illustration architectural history of the twentieth century, in addition, it helps to know more about the social structure and principles of construction of modern Swedish society. Last year, tours of the cemetery were conducted in test mode, The same year, the number and range of excursions and on. Tourists can visit the territory of the cemetery, in addition to the tour will include the opportunity to visit the Forestry and Forest crematorium chapel. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Tours are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays so as not to interfere with the funeral ceremonies on weekdays.

As aptly noted one contemporary journalist who wrote about Paris everybody in it has ever been – if not novel, at least SMSki. Dozens of stories and novels, from the "Triumphal Arch" Remark to "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, hundreds of poems, sonnets of Francois Villon ballads to Vladimir Vysotsky, and thousands of guides, from the very first appearing in the XVIII century up to modern – all this mountain of literature devoted to one city – located on the banks Seine "pearl of France". It seems that everything about her is known. More information is housed here: David A. Wagner. Magic words "to see Paris and die" has long lost its sacramental meaning. Millions of tourists come here every year and taken home a piece of the dreams, of which a hundred years ago could only dream, thousands of people around the world. Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 and then was considered the eighth wonder of the world, is now well-known tourist area, and perhaps a little Who is the emotions which inspired her first visitors. Please visit The Middleby Corporation if you seek more information.

Notre Dame, whose dark vaults from centuries of fatigue at the time inspired by Victor Hugo, now cleaned up and "refurbished", and on his way and not unfinished tower has long raised no ringers, and guides for tourist groups. Montmartre, a secluded corner, once attracted their streets quiet recluse artists from all over France, long ago turned into a boiling anthill, in which the flow of human apple nowhere to fall. List of attractions in Paris that became what today is called touristic "masthevom" could go on for a long time, but I do not consider their task to convince the reader is that popular culture and the ubiquitous tourist with a camera deprived us of what Hemingway called "the holiday that is always with you." My story is about a different Paris, of that city, which still remains a stranger Most visitors and even many Parisians.

Short – and long parking at Munich Airport also when it comes to air travel, runs much about postings on the net today. This concerns not only the journey itself, also the parking lot search runs over the Internet, you just need to know how and where. Web pages provide an overview of the parking lots around the Munich Airport and other locations in all Germany as While the passenger under different points of view about the offer can be informed. For many passengers, the price of course is a decisive factor when it comes to the search for a parking space.

Comparison sites offer therefore the opportunity to display the best rates. To do this you simply enters the duration and the type of accommodation. But also for travellers who put great value on service or safety, there is a separate type of assessment. If you are travelling with baggage, is want to use safe a shuttle service, which brings him to the airport building. This also applies to families, in addition to their offspring too some Schwimmtier or even her surfboard need to transport to the luggage counter.

The customers have the opportunity to submit their reviews after their visit to the parking lot. So other users can make an objective assessment of the respective car park and parking airport Munich receives more transparency. There are many solely based on their reviews. This also applies to images, which is the operator in the network. Facilitate not only the search, they convey an impression about conditions and location of the parking lot. By comparison, you can save much money. A parking comparison helps to turn off his vehicle safely and comfortably. This may reduce not only the cost of the holiday, but also provide more comfort on the way back. (dprc –

When visiting the Nabana no Sato it is Festival one despite the prevailing cold temperatures so properly warm to the heart of Singapore (6 November 2013) has the magical Festival of lights in the Nabana no Sato flower park on the occasion of one of the most beautiful festivals in Asia a range of cheap hotel deals in the city collected Kuwana city, about 350 miles southwest of Tokyo lies. Japan is known for its many, with myriads of lights decorated winter, but the in the Nabana no Sato flower park of Kuwana city swept is the most famous and attracts visitors from all parts of the country and from overseas. Between April and October, the Park is a sea of flowers of hydrangeas, jewellery trays, Iris and Tulips, but during the cold season from November to March in the meantime withered flower beds and the bare trees of the park with more than 8 million LED lights in all colours are dressed up, which ensures an incomparable spectacle of course especially in the evening. Even the famous Flower tunnel”, a 200-meter-long, usually consisting of flower vines, is decorated with over a million lights, representing Japan’s almost mystical cherry blossoms (Sakura). Visitors can climb up even to a 45 metre high observation deck for a 360-degree view over the lights. Finally and to honor Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, which recently was declared by UNESCO a world heritage and Sadler in the Kuwana city is also a model of the famous volcano was built in the Park.

Thanks to sophisticated technology the model displays not only the time of day based on the Solstice, but changes in the course of a day also visually, to represent to the different seasons; a transformation that is happening right in front of the eyes of the visitors. The Festival of lights of course but is not the only activity which you can devote. Kuwana city is located a short drive from Nagoya, Japan’s third-largest city and a hub of international trade with numerous Attractions. During a day trip, for example, visit the Nagoya/Boston Museum of fine arts or the impressive, centuries-old Castle of Nagoya. During a visit to the Nabana no Sato it is one Festival despite the prevailing cold temperatures so properly warm heart and of course there are also more than enough opportunities, exciting snapshots to take home. has compiled a list of hotels from Mie, the nearest city, and Nagoya, where one bus easily every 30 minutes to the Festival can get Center of the Meitetsu transport.

One of the main features of Finland – an abundance of ponds and lots of rivers. Fishing in Finland is an independent tourist product. Finland is famous for its abundance of pristine waters and a variety of sport fishing. For perch, for example, fishermen from Helsinki go to the lake Kyurosyarvi, Pyhajarvi Ruovesi and Rautavesi. In the waters of the Tampere Region annually are caught quite a few pike in 5-10 kg each. Pike caught in Keurusselkya, Ruovesi, Kyuresyarvi, Vilppulanreytti and Lyangelmyavesi. For cancers need to go to Roine, and perch are biting in Ruovesi and Pyhajarvi.

Salmon is found in Vilppulankoski, cat and Viynikanyoki. And this is not a complete list. Tour Operators offer many specialized tours for catching a particular fish with accommodation in cottages in South and Central Finland and in Lapland and the aland Islands. For fishing in Finland if the number of gear are not only fishing line and hooks, you must pay state tax (from 5 euros per week) and get a license to use a particular body of water (one day – 4.5 euros). Persons 18 and older than 64 years pay only a license. The maximum allowable catch per person per day – three salmon (whitefish limitation does not apply). If you rent a cottage on the water, the cost of renting is usually already part of the license and even hire a boat.

Also, these objects can be included in the process of learning to university students occupations related to tourism. Of the two most easily accessible caves explored cavity – 'Eight'. Total protyaschennost moves about a kilometer. Striking interior volume. The height of some of the moves up to 6-7 meters. The width of 10-12 meters.

The topology of the quarry is simple – a grid moves from the bottom and haulage drifts to the surface. They are bombarded with rubble stone. At the moment there is an entrance that is covered by a clay cap in the spring. Guided tours in the 'Eight' is easy. The entrances to the cave is possible by car or public transport.

After clearing the entrance you can safely conduct tours (household and industrial waste in the cave almost none). Remains an open question about the origin of 'Eight'. Find info in the literature and the Internet is nothing but myths and outright fables not given. After his own research, we formed an opinion that, however, requires verification. We have also been investigated and partially flooding zakartografirovana right of the quarries 'Water'. It is also interesting for our band object. As a result of raising the water level in the river Oka groundwater podtopili underground workings. Depth in some places reaches 3.5 meters (the measurements were made special cargo). Width moves up to 5-6 meters. Topology is more complex than in 'Eight'. In addition to haulage drifts have a system of transverse and galleries like the Hall of Columns. The origin of this cave more than obvious. Under the water looked through backing, and faces the traces of breaking the stone. Access to the 'water' is more complex and the cave itself is much more difficult and dangerous to visit. For this reason, immediately to organize excursions to the object is not recommended. Necessary to prepare a special group, it is well equipped to develop measures to ensure the security and case of an emergency. In conclusion, it should be noted that the underground facilities of the city of Eagle and more maloposeschaemy maloizucheny. Necessary information is extremely insufficient. However, the presence of such objects, the more in the city, holds great promise in the development of Speleotourism in the city of Orel and Orel region. This contributes to the uniqueness of the Oryol caves that have no analogues in the Tula region and its suburbs.

The ancient metropolis of Africa is full of secrets and mysteries. In Cairo, has finally met the Arab world and I have long dreamed about this trip. The four-hour flight in an airplane and there he is a great city with an ancient history and 6 million people. I sought in Cairo with all his heart and he seems to have sensed this and took me. Nowhere in the world I do not feel so easily and confidently, as in the Egyptian capital.

Cairo – a city of excitement from what impression about this city? Taxi black and white, vans, and the only subway in the Arab world, excellent road and hung over the bustle of the city dock. Markets and shops that do not go out of curiosity or for souvenirs and for daily trivia, food and clothing. Morning mist shrouding broad Nile, built in English colonial style buildings and, of course, the Great Pyramids … In Cairo, with his apparent at first glance, the chaos – a unique, breathtaking pace of life. And a world of sounds: the cries morning live on the balconies and the discordant din of cocks car horns. In Cairo, a world of smells: popcorn, sold in the markets of fruits, flowers Acacia coffee, sweets and unchanging night shisha. Cairo – a city of senses. Among the Great Sphinx Cairo – a city of excitement names of the streets of central Cairo, I learned on the map back in Moscow and well focused in it with first minutes.

People from all over the world are always interested in the teachings of the Dalai Lama. Many people like to take part in his teachings, as well as a blessing. Get an audience with the Dalai – Lama really is not easy. It is not easy to find him in Dharamsala, where his residence, as He travels a lot around the world, but sometimes it comes back to his home and it becomes possible. Of course there are certain traditions that you should follow. You should know the procedure admission.

If you follow our advice, the impossible becomes possible. It is important to follow these steps. Plan ahead. Plan for the year ahead to your wish just came true about the meeting. Determine the date when you will travel to India and convolution with the schedule of the Dalai – Lama. Select a date when His Holiness will be in his residence. Schedule of his movements, you can look at the official site. In addition, it is necessary plan for housing and transportation.

Simply put everything that can book you need. Remember, you are not the only one who would like to receive blessing. Explore the sites of local travel agencies, services of local guides you also does not interfere. Learn more about the residence of the Dalai – Lama in Dharamsala. Research. In addition to receiving information from the website of the Dalai Lama, you can also write a letter to the Administrative office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Dharamsala. Written request for an audience with the Dalai Lama. Remember that a lot of people asking for an audience with him, be terpelyvy. Give details of why you would like to get an audience. Constantly read all the news associated with the Dalai Lama. Read his work and think about what you are so unique, that he wanted to meet you. When you are already in place, keep your ears and eyes wide open. Sometimes an audience with the physical individuals can learn from other pilgrims, thus keep in touch with the people who came was not the first time. They know more about the traditions and ceremonies. Rules of Conduct. If you have the opportunity to have an audience with the Dalai Lama, the you should be more than prepared. Buy a white scarf, near the district of residence, as is tradition, he will bless and scarf while it welcomes you. You can bring a few extra elements such as statues and scarves, which will also be blessed. Take the money to offer to the monks who collect donations. To arrive at the collection need at least 15 minutes. There are so rigid security, so in any case do not bring anything resembling a weapon or weapons. At a meeting with the Dalai Lama, do not forget to bow in respect. You can get a red ribbon from his aides as a souvenir, leaving the region. Be smart and be patient, as this is a very complex task. If something does not go as planned, do not get discouraged, get lucky next time. Remember that pre-planning this is a very important aspect of achieving the desired result.

Quiet lagoons, jagged coastline has always attracted lovers diving and underwater hunting, riding on boards, water skiing and kayaking. The larger islands are interesting for its flora and fauna. The recently opened several national parks. The capital of Fiji is Suva, a city located on Viti Levu. Originally Suva was a small settlement, covered in dust in summer and mud in winter. Gradually, Suva became the largest city in Fiji, and then the liveliest place Southern Pacific after the cities of Australia and New Zealand.

In the town live 90 thousand people, still live along the 40 000 25-kilometer road leading from the Suva Nausori Airport. Suva is constantly changing, depending on the weather. It shines and sparkles in the sun and takes on a dull metallic hue during the rainy season and it rains here quite often. In Suva live Fijians, Indians, Chinese, natives of Tonga, Samoan, Rotumans, Europeans and many others. This kind of 'fruit salad', just as the locals call themselves Fijians. In and around the city built many Catholic churches, mosques, Hindu temples and sikskih, there is even an abandoned Jewish cemetery. Island of the oval.

The oval is the main island of the archipelago Lomaiviti. Its length – 13 km, width – 11 km. The origin of the volcanic island, it is covered with dense tropical vegetation. The main attraction of the oval can be regarded as an old colonial capital of Fiji – Levuka town. Currently, there live about 1500 people. The city has retained its old appearance, in the 19 century it was a center of whaling.

On this basis, we can safely say that the best holiday – in Tunisia, a country of sun and serenity. Best vacation – a beach holiday in Tunisia As for weather, Tunisia has a more attractive and not so hot climates than Egypt, so Tunisia – beach vacation, this is the best choice of a relaxing holiday on the warm sea. If you choose to place solar Tunisia travel, vacation 2010 in this country for a long time zapechalitsya you have in mind. Tunisia – a country of contrasts. You can visit as a poor village and a beautiful spa town, to see the old cabin and, literally, a few kilometers – huge building. For the most part, the biggest and most luxury hotels are located in urban areas of beach areas. If you have not been to Tunisia, the photos of landscapes of this country on our web site on the subject – Tunisia, holiday pictures – even at this stage will make a good impression.

Resorts Tunisia Tunisia main resorts spread out over the Mediterranean coast of Mahdia, Monastir, Susc about. Djerba, Hammamet, and many others. Although located on the African continent, Tunisia, holiday, prices and conditions in the hotels spa towns correspond to European standards. Country sun and sea – Tunisia, beach vacation is a comfortable and convenient – this is taken care workers hotels. Thus, 4 and 5-star offering for a relaxing beach break free parasols and sun loungers. We will help you to spend an unforgettable holiday in Tunisia, the price in 2010 can get a lot of pleasure for a modest fee.

In Western Ukraine (Khmelnitsky region) is one of the most beautiful castles of Eastern Europe – Kamenetz-Podolsk old castle. Architectural studies and Anatol Tyupicha Eugene Plamenitskoy, and archaeological research Vinokur Jonah spent in the 60s of the XIX century, suggest that the construction of the castle can be attributed to the XI-XII centuries. Time when this land was inhabited and Ulichi Tivertsy – Old Slavic tribes. However, the first significant mention of him found in the charter of Prince George Koriatovicha, dated 1374 year. Then the city of Kamenetz-Podolsk, Prince has given the Magdeburg Right. Summary of Your Castle proshol 14 construction periods, and modern appearance in XVI century. The first major reconstruction of the castle Kamenetz occurred at the end of XV century. Began her martial Krakow Spitko Melshtinsky governor, who spoke on the Rights of the Kamenetz share with Duke in 1395 to 1399 years.

In the middle of the XV century castle again underwent restructuring, the old tower upgraded incorporated ten new towers. In the XVI century, under the direction of military engineer Job Pretfesa, built two new towers – New West and New East. Also were built new gate to the bridge. At the beginning of the XVII century military architect Theophil Schomberg built in front of the western part of the castle-rock bastion zemlyanyeukrepleniya type, called the New Fortress. New building was erected in order to counteract the long-range artillery, which appeared at that time.

In XVII-XIX century in the north and south were built two new bastion, and in the courtyard of the castle were built barracks. After that, construction is almost no occurred, sometimes only strengthen repaired. After the war, in 1812 the castle finally lost its military significance and was used for various purposes. However, due to inaccessibility of its walls is the castle gained fame in sredenevekovom world, where he was known as the Border krepost.Seychas in Kamenetz-Podolsk (about the city itself), the castle is the main attraction and it is a museum that is very popular among tourists. Of course the main attraction of the town castle. But not the only one. All the Kamenetz-Podolsk, a single array of fortified – a city fortress on an island in the river loop. On the other fortifications Kamenetz (in particular unique hydro-fortified complexes of Russian and Polish goal) I'll discuss in future articles.

Almost everyone who I said I'm going to the Maldives, asked to repeat: "Where, where? Over the Malvinas? And what is there to do? There's also cold. " Such a response indicates at least of two circumstances: First, that took place about 15 years ago, the Anglo-Argentine conflict over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) somehow left in our minds is extremely bright trail, and secondly, that the Maldives has relatively long with a reputation as one of the most luxurious and exotic resorts in the world, still remain for most Russians, terra incognita. You can make one more conclusion: geography still far from being the most useless of school subjects, and planning, for example, your holiday would be very worthwhile to know that between Malvina – a group of rocky islands, lost in the cold pre-Antarctic waters off the coast of Argentina, and the Maldives – Coral archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean 640 miles southwest of Ceylon, almost on the equator, there is nothing in common except the names of chords. Is that the both territories are included in the British Commonwealth. First, as overseas possessions of Great Britain, and the second as an independent state – Republic of Maldives.

The state is, well, quite unusual. Start with the fact that 99.669% of the territory of the Maldivian sea. When the flies to International Airport "Hulule", there is phantasmagoric sense that the plane sits right in the ocean waves because the airport is surrounded by water runway with tiny terminal building. More than two, maximum three planes simultaneously in the "Hulule" simply does not fit. Prolivchikom narrow island, which was built "Hulule", separated from the relatively large, the Maldivian scale of the island Male, the capital of the same name is located where the island republic. The entire Maldivian land (ie 0.331% of the country) consists of 19 coral atolls, combining 1,196 islands.

Front of the altar is still standing chair of the dictator. The church was destroyed by the cyclone "David" in 1979 and then rebuilt. Church of Santo Cerro is located just 6 km from La Vega in the direction of Santiago. Narrow street leads to the top of the hill where stands the church built 1886, and before her cross and a tree. It is believed that this tree-scion of the one that Columbus first cut here cross. Be sure to walk through the church to admire the view over the valley, called Columbus "Royal Valley" next church is located not far from Santo Cerro – 30km. Apostolic Cathedral of Santiago rises in Duarte Park and is easily recognizable by the two Twin Towers.

It was built in 1868, 1895, in the spirit of mixing Gothic and Neo-Classicism. Very nice mahogany altar and magnificent stained glass windows of the Dominican artist Rincon Mory.Pyataya account church is located at La Isabela-Templo de Las Americas, built in the early colonial stile.K Unfortunately, it is now difficult to sort out what remains of that first church of the first European settlement in a new light, but feel special, elusive, from which you want to lay my knees, a feeling of eternity and boundless expanse! Nowhere have I seen such icons! Like a painting of the galleries of Impressionist, they chained our surprised looks, though holding, still holding us. In the Church of Puerto Plata-Cathedral San Felipe we go often. And though the interior is nothing special about it, and we usually do not stay inside more than a quarter of an hour, but the exterior design, in which both unusually combines elements of Art Deco and Spanish colonial culture can not remain indifferent. And, of course, is the church of Santo Domingo, but not those that are located in the heart of the Colonial Zone and where the silence of the church now and then violates the hubbub of tourist and camera flashes. Look for the church, in the names that confuse even the guidebooks: the Dominican Monastery (Convento de los Dominicanos), built in the 1510g and raised from the school of preachers, the church of Santa Barbara, built in the 1578g, which was christened Juan Pablo Duarte; mersedariev Collegiate Church, where he lived in 1616-1618g.g. Spanish writer Tirso de Molina and many others

Probably everyone who first arrived in St. Petersburg and met with him as a longtime friend. For a variety of films, books, television broadcasts familiar embankments, ensemble of the Kazan Cathedral, the walls and bastions Peter and Paul Fortress, the spire of the Admiralty, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Bronze Horseman, Palace Square, Nevsky Prospect … According to the testimony of numerous guests, who saw St. Petersburg in different times and had an opportunity compare it to other cities, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And our fellow citizens, no doubt, give him the palm.

Not without reason it is called in North Palmyra, North Venice. This poetic metaphor is quite justified. Unable to find Saint Petersburg in which whatever program. St. Petersburg is very different, so in recent years increasingly popular independent tours to St. Petersburg.

When you can choose what visit, where to go in the evening in which to stay. You can not spend time visiting museums, and try to feel the very spirit of this extraordinary city just walking around the center. Or arrange a theatrical tour and visit the most prestigious stage of the Cultural Capital. The beauty of self-tour that you do not depend on the program, there is no limit on time, you are left to themselves. Go for a walk, admire, admire Hail Peter for his own pleasure, and at its discretion. If all did you have a desire to go on excursions and to listen to a guide who will tell you about the beauty of St. Petersburg from a historical point of view, you can always buy ticket to the tour directly from the bus. They are in the set are on the channel Griboyedov or at the corner of Quay. p. Fontanka River and Nevsky Prospect. The only course that when you visit St. Petersburg on their own, and not with the group you have a lot to think about and anticipate. Start, of course, you need to select hotels. After all, a lot depends on how comfortable the hotel is situated geographically. Especially if your plans include night walks in Petersburg. To make such a landmark of this city, like drawbridges not spoil your trip, leaving the night on benches in the park is better to treat the choice of gifts responsibly. The hotel in which you going to stay for your convenience should be in the center but slightly to the side and to the monuments, which is very rich in this city is within reach. But the noisy company of young people who are very fond of summer walk in the center of St. Petersburg will not bother you. It is best to book your room in advance. Now on the site of any hotel can arrange online application and book a room at your hotel vending. One of the most conveniently located hotels in the center of St. Petersburg hotel “The Brothers Karamazov.

The global recession has forced many travelers to abandon their original plans and stay home for the sake of saving money. In these circumstances, countries are forced to literally fight for every tourist, offering if not a substantial discount, then a unique experience. The search engine Skyscanner (, which helps its customers to buy cheaper tickets, announces a list of the winners, who were able to lure tourists. Analysis searches almost 10 million users a month lets say that the most popular among travelers country is Spain. The increased interest in her show users from all countries, which represents Skyscanner. Further, in ranking followed by the UK, USA, Italy, Germany and France. Commented Dmitry Konovalov, Manager for Russia and the CIS, “World Tourism Organization records are post-crisis recovery demand for travel to other countries. However, this dynamic is not the same everywhere.

Skyscanner – one of the dominant travel search engines in the UK and European markets, where Spain is traditionally popular. However, this victory countries in the fight for the tourist is also confirmed by the analysis of search queries in all 233 countries / regions. ” Most popular countries among users Skyscanner in the world: 1. Spain 2. UK 3. USA 4.

Italy 5. Germany 6. France 7. Turkey 8. Greece 9. Portugal 10. Who Poland to visit us? Regarding the development of tourism in Russia, the data indicate Skyscanner its two main sources – Germany and the UK, the largest European economies with large populations and traditionally strong business and cultural ties with our country. In fifth place in rating of Ukraine. Here, too, play a role family and social ties that bind its people to Russia. It is not excluded that a specific value for the Ukrainians is the development of the market of transit air traffic, and flights to St Petersburg and Moscow booked them to arrange a cheap and convenient travel third country. 2010 declared the Year of France in Russia and Russia in France, and it definitely stirs up interest in our country

From downtown to the Giza Pyramids – no more than an hour away by bus (if there are no traffic jams). By pyramids better come early in the morning, until there is not a crowd of tourists. Walk quietly, looking at what what is interesting for you. If nabredete on something interesting (like I have found the underground passage that leads to a room filled with stone coffins), just stop at the “object” for a couple of minutes. To you immediately suitable person who can show you what you do not see the “organized” tourists. Of course, this service is not free, but you know what you pay for. I guarantee that your enjoyment of self- inspection of the pyramid is much greater than that of those who “walk their” guides and comfortable buses await! Face to Back of the Pharaohs at Giza bus comes to the area of Liberation (El-Tahrir), which is still an important facility for the visit – Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

In the dark-red building with a dome housed a great many valuable artifacts. Stories here you can literally “look in the face” – the mummies of pharaohs help you to “humanize” the ancient history of Egypt. The great river Nile gave birth to the country. Modern Egyptians are to the Nile as respectfully as their ancestors did. On warm evenings, a lot of people rolling on the river for sailing and motor boats, admiring the artfully lit city. Ride and you. If you are traveling by, it makes sense to rent a boat and ride around the two islands located in the middle of the river, and also look a little Iron Bridge – the creation of the famous engineer Eiffel.

Admire the night Cairo and the pyramids can be brightly lit and from the observation deck of El Burg, located on the island of Zamalek. Dark night of Cairo … Evening – the a good time to get to the famous Cairo market Khan el-Khalili. (Read more about it read the article “The Market – a tricky business!”). Some guides advise him to attend only the afternoon – allegedly due to increased criminality. Not Believe it! Regardless of time of day you will not hurt: Guests here are respected. In addition, most stores during the day simply did not work. The climate and lifestyle of the East are very different from European. Many Egyptians come to market along with their wives and children, not only for shopping but also for the evening “get-togethers” in the many cafes. In the evening market is particularly noisy, sparkling and fragrant aromas unknown. Of different goods – the sea. Even a deadbeat tourists opens its second wind. Shops are open late, too – some up to two hours of the night. In the morning, old lovers can travel by taxi at Saqqara, to look the other pyramids. One of them (Step Pyramid of Djoser Pharaoh) – The first Egyptian pyramid, built over four thousand years ago.