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A small overview of important events in the region of Stuttgart, the capital of the Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg has so much to offer, deals and events in grand style. Some of them are closer illuminated in the following text. The Festival of lights light Festival in Stuttgart has become an institution in the capital city. Premiered in 1939 the illuminierende spectacle. Since it attracts the hordes in the heights Park Killesberg. The Park will be illuminated with lanterns and lanterns, and many bands and entertainers provide distraction.

Furthermore are available various stalls, which provide guests with food and beverages. Music Fireworks the highlight of the festivity is paired with the light performance to the view, which attracted almost 30,000 visitors in the last year alone. In the run-up to the Festival are of course various preparations and also an immense degree of publicity, which is a part of the or other, dedicated event agency from Stuttgart will. The Stuttgart folk festival where the Oktoberfest Munich who has the Wasen Stuttgart. More specifically, the Cannstatter Wasen. There is every year by the Cannstatter Volksfest at the end of September to mid-October instead. Baden-Wurttemberg’s biggest festival looks back on a history. In 1818, the first Cannstatter folk festival was celebrated.

At that time as a purely agricultural Festival, on the occasion of the ongoing crop failures, it is Europe’s biggest Showmen Festival today with nearly 320 exhibitors and 4.5 million visitors. Mobile of folk festival highlights include the 60-metres Ferris wheel, the large Whirligig, Wilde Maus, and the looping roller coaster. Also the Carnival parade, musical fireworks and Kramer market are an integral part of the Swabian folk festival. The hip hop open hip hop is open in Stuttgart-based, hip hop Festival took place for the first time in the year 2000 at the Stuttgart Pragsattel. Now, after more than 12 years and with over 108,000 guests, the Festival is one of the biggest hip hop Events in Europe. Renowned international artists such as ice cube, the Wu-Tang clan, Snoop Dogg & Cypress Hill were already on the stage. National scene sizes such as Freundeskreis, SIDO, flower pot, Peter Fox & Jan Delay were already present at the Festival. After a 2 year break the hip held hop open this year again on July 14 at the equestrian Stadium on the Cannstatter Wasen. This is just a small glimpse of the event landscape of the Swabian metropolis. Of course, there are many more events every year attracting a multi-faceted audience to Stuttgart. Benefit from many parties. The event agency from Stuttgart, which earned to their bread, the consumer who benefits from the diversity of offerings and the city as a whole, which is about gaining cultural importance.

“” In addition to the General topics are covered on the first day of the seminar, APMC offers a deepening day on September 20, 2013, where the issues tax law “and internal audit” closer to be illuminated. Initially, Matthias Meyer, tax consultants and proxy ECOVIS Dusseldorf arrives on the latest developments and possibilities and limitations of the tax design and optimization for the German parent company. The following topics are covered: accounting and accounting regulations in China Chinese taxation practice corporate income taxation of Chinese subsidiaries rules of capital adequacy and funding relationships and transfer of results: national and treaty rules tax optimization: design options, as well as rules against their abuse in China (VAT, business tax, sales taxes qualified German and Asian employees about 400 German and European companies in their expansion in Asia and has successfully conducted numerous projects throughout Asia. The performance spectrum of APMC in addition to the classical fields of management consulting (strategy consulting, market research) also recruitment, M & A, creation (plants and offices), crisis management, including in diverse industries. APMC has also intercultural training sessions and seminars to Asia, in particular China and India. See Sonny Perdue for more details and insights. About Dr. Kuang-hua Lin Dr.

rer. pol. Kuang-hua Lin is Director and sole shareholder of APMC. Before founding APMC in 1997, he worked as a consultant at the international consulting firm the Boston Consulting Group in Dusseldorf and advised numerous companies in Germany and Asia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and graduated as Diplom-Volkswirt at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg i. br., Germany, where he also gained his doctorate. CONTACT Silke Schulz E-Mail: Internet: Tel.

HKTDC Hong Kong baby products fair 2014 will parallel the HKTDC Hong at the toy fair from 6 to 9 January 2014 Kong baby Products fair held, also in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The HKTDC over 400 exhibitors expected to the fifth round, including new exhibitors from Sweden, the Philippines and New Zealand. “The baby fair 2013 almost 420 exhibitors from 27 countries presented all babies and toddlers in the first four years of life need (see interesting product innovations), ranging from cribs, toys and clothing care products for mother and child up to the fire name Gallery” with branded products. The attendance figures show that opens the exhibition concept,: more than 25,000 buyers from 113 countries used the fair as a sourcing platform. “So the areas newly furnished in 2013 baby fashion remain Avenue in the coming year” with trendy baby clothes, shoes and accessories as well as the world of strollers and gear zone “for baby apparel and baby strollers get (see floor plan).

New focus: “Baby Food and Healthcare Products” the demand grows for food and healthcare products for babies This trend according to the organiser establish a new area of 2014 for “Baby Food and Healthcare Products”. Parents in Asia are increasingly sensitive in relation to children’s diets and the composition of food products. Also an investigation by ReportLinker, after which the market 2016 should be world’s 47 billion USD confirmed the good business prospects for this industry. Seminars to other industry trends, product demonstrations and the competition of Hong Kong Toys & baby products award, which selects the most innovative, most creative and most environmentally friendly baby and kids products, complete the Hong Kong baby and toy fair. Parallel to the toy and baby-show open the HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing show (6-8 January 2014) with hundreds of licensed products and HKTDC Hong Kong Stationery organized in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd fair (6.-9 January 2014), to the approximately 230 exhibitors are expected, their goals.

I wanted a new event format and found. The highly interactive atmosphere of MICE Club has provided a very good opportunity me a supplier, to present our products in a charming way. To do this, I appreciate personal rail transport, where the participants have met. The sophisticated communication tools promote the conversations which I could make an above average number of qualified contacts”, stressed about Karina Grutzner, business development manager of the Convention Bureau in Stuttgart. From branding to slow down the content of MICE Club offered a high-profile program. “Highlights were among the keynote to the art of the brand positioning of Rolf Gruber and the Themencloud to slow down by Willem Stortelder, co founder of the communication think-tanks 21 LOB ster Street”. Mike van the Vijver excelled as a moderator. The Dutch coach and author of the best-selling book into the heart of meetings”conducted the participants relaxed and motivating the two days.

Technically the media partner Urs Seiler, editor in Chief of the Swiss magazine EXPODATA, and Hans Jurgen Heinrich, editor-in-Chief of the German magazine were him events to the page. Jurgen Metzler, Director of the Agency (f) acts events from Austria, praised the inspiring mix: I appreciate that the MICE Club has put an event on the legs that worked so well.Ranging from the open and forward-looking meeting design about the interesting speakers from the Netherlands and of Switzerland, which have very good impetus for the networking, to the aussergewohnlichenLocations. Also the appropriate moderation by Mike van the Vijver was very inspiring. Overall, an Exchange with peers on par instead found here. “I can only say: hats off!” Change of location and MICE Labs instead of frontal staging of the new event format is based on the extraordinary meeting design penned by Oliver malate: it it not only communicatively to enable the participants, but a hybrid structure came to us create, which allows us to retrieve the individual interests of participants on site and immediately to integrate”, the Creative Director, explains the the MICE Club? partial shoulder to shoulder with Mike van the Vijver? conceptually implemented.