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I noticed that recently on the forums active covert marketing company. Apparently it is now with the projects tugovato, customers do not have to go-by to look. A principle as simple as two fingers: to create a theme Forum with the direction of your business. In this case ‘hidden advertising’ Next create a topic about this helpful (customer) as the phenomenon of “hidden advertising” (copywriting, web design, programming). Then simply.

Talk about their experiences trying to post articles, give advice … It now remains to attract a potential customer. Tips: If you can give a link to your portfolio. If the external links prohibited, it is possible to throw an ad in a special section of the forum and put a link in the signature selection index. I think it is clear that should look similar topics in your specialty areas.

Toleratnosti bigger and humor. Moderators do not like advertisers:) Promote service discreetly, you should just be interesting to talk about his favorite pastime. In the near future to discuss this way of illustrative example. It remains to find unoccupied, suitable for the context of the forum. A really effective way, especially given the competition for freelance exchanges. PS I can assist in promoting your services.