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Then it will last a long time. Even the wood with knots, twisted and not very strong can be used as scaffolding, and later used as firewood. When the carpenter goes to the workers, knows the various levels of ability and assigned appropriate tasks. Secretary of Agriculture gathered all the information. Some are dedicated to building the soil, others to the doors and screens, some with porches, lintels, roofs, etc.. He who does not qualify you put on decking and even less qualified make wedges. When the master carpenter exercise discernment in the allocation of tasks, work is progressing smoothly. The effectiveness and continuous improvement, prudence in all matters, recognition of the true value of the different levels of moral, installing confidence and consideration of what may reasonably be expected and what is not, these are all These issues have the master carpenter. The principle of the martial arts is exactly the same.

For carpenters, a habit is essential to have sharpened their tools and keep them ready. It is for the carpenter to use these tools with skill, making even objects like miniature temples, shelves, tables, lamp bases, cutting boards lids. Being a soldier is the same. You should think about this carefully. If you want to learn the science of martial arts, reflect upon and discussed, let the teacher is the needle, thread and pupil practice relentlessly. On the composition of five manuscripts Distinguishing five fields for explain its principles into individual sections, I have written five manuscripts, entitled Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Vacuum.