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E, can be direct when it becomes related to an identifiable damage (ex.destruio of one automvel) or immediately indirect when to reach extrapatrimonial interests (former. expenditures with treatments of assault and batteries) PAIN AND SUFFERING That one is that reaches the right of the personality and not it patrimony, making with that they are affected the privacy, the personal or same consideration the social reputation. The right not it repairs any suffering, pain or affliction, but those that will be decurrent of the privation of a legally protected interest on which the victim would have recognized interest legally. PSYCHIC DAMAGE Part of the doctrine and the jurisprudence mentions the psychic or psychological damage to it as being a modality of pain and suffering. The psychic damage is situated in the field of the protection the health and if it constitutes in pathology of deterioration, disfuno and riots in the affective and intellectual areas, limiting the capacity of individual, familiar and social joy. Being about offence health, the psychic damage assumes patrimonial character, in way that its repairing understands, the expenditure of the adequate treatment and verification of eventual sequels (to try the right the pension). CAUSAL NEXUS Etiolgico nexus or relation of causalidade can be called. Bond that if establishes enters the behavior of the agent and the damage, allowing that if it selects who accurately was its causer (article 186 of current Civil Code) sitemtica According to legal, I ahead abstained the causal nexus of the constatao of exclusive guilt of the victim, of the fact of third, beyond the act of God and of bigger force. GUILT Article 182 of the current Civil Code, as made article 159 of the previous one, also demands the configuration of the guilt not being enough the simple harmful behavior. ' ' To act with culpa' ' (GONALVES, 1995) According to traditional doctrine, the guilt tries graduation and therefore it is classified in: serious or can, has taken and levssima.

In this in case that, a metallic plate on the grates to facilitate the circulation, but only in a stretch was placed access Da Ponte. The opera is inside of the park of the quarries, duly adapted, with bathrooms, vacant, telephones and tactile floor of signalling. In some stretches the tactile floor arrives to be exaggerated, creating unnecessary tracks, being that it has difference enters the texture of pisos and lawn that can easily fulfill the guide work to be tracked by the cane of the deficient appearance. The Tangu Park is all in Inter-stopped floor, what it facilitates in the locomotion of the chair. The access to the mirante is not only possible, that if of only for stairs. A problem found in all the visited places was the absence of bank to wait the tourist bus in the exclusive points.

The buses can delay until half hour to arrive and many people have difficulty to wait of foot during as much time. The NBR9050 recommends to foresee an area of rest to each 50m for pisos with up to 3% of inclination, or to each 30m for pisos of 3% 5% of inclination. Of one the city of Curitiba forms generality and its main tourist points contemplate the minimum necessities of accessibility, although imperfections to be able to be observed in a more rigorous evaluation. One important quality is the streets of the center, always with lowers in the passages or passages raised in level with the strolls, although some places still to use the Portuguese mosaic, that is a floor of difficult circulation. The strolls in the quarters more moved away from the center have band of access and gramadas band of service, what it leaves the city permevel and the free circulation in the center. 14 4.

CONCLUSION Alone if will be able to speak in an inclusive society when the diversity human being will be understood, thus guaranteeing a life with total autonomy for the people with deficiency. The value of the equality corresponds to the dignity, that is, to have the rights in relation to the basic necessities, as complementary health, education, habitation, work and activities as the leisure and the tourism. Brazil possesss one of the richest legislaes of the world, also with regard to the accessibility. What it lacks is fiscalization on the part of the governing and conscience on the part of the citizens. It is not enough to have a legislation, if it is not taken care of due to governmental or social interest. Each citizen who composes the necessary society to leave of looking at exactly only for itself, and to look at for all, enxergando the great existing diversity. To the times she is not necessary nor to look at around, therefore any person is subjects to be in a situation of reduced mobility, either for the advanced age, pregnancy, illness, accident, etc. Unhappyly, the majority of the people does not have this vision, where the principles of the universal drawing are a necessity of all. Everything depends on the culture and the education of the people who go to construct the city. It is important always to leave of the beginning of the inclusion and not of the segregation, therefore if a stroll or public square is accessible to a foot