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This paper will be useful to beginners and marketing network, and only those people who want to learn more about network marketing. A related site: George Shapiro mentions similar findings. Bad reputation of network marketing in Russia. Externally similar to network marketing companies pyramid schemes and phony company, created a negative transfer of all network marketing companies. Naturally, this negativity is transmitted to people who work in network marketing. I am glad only that the situation is improving gradually, people become more financially literate and an increasing number do not bind a network marketing and pyramid schemes. Julio Franco may also support this cause. Network marketing is like a financial pyramid just the fact that the pyramid masquerades as a network marketing company. Differentiate network marketing from the Ponzi scheme is simple: if there is no product, or if the goods do not conform to its characteristics: price, quality, liquidity, it is a financial pyramid. You always have to pay attention to the product, whether it is necessary to you and generally to anyone, if not, then you should not enter into such company.

Network Marketing – a work in a free graphics. Less for people who do not want to control their time. But this is a plus for other people. No time limit. Network Marketing can do for half an hour a day, can be twenty-four hours a day. It depends on the decisions of the man himself. This is one of the reasons appearance differences result between the two who came together in a network marketing people. Accumulation results in network marketing.