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Sign may be flags, and brand names, and even relics from some precious stone. For example, the joint venture "Amethyst" elected as a sign of the symbol stone amethyst. Then venture to lawfully sold gem on auction and the profits from its sale is not taxed because it is associated with a trademark company. From this point of view, let us look at the resolution "On measures to create and develop small enterprises." Take, for example, attention to item 14, indicating that companies and organizations to create on the basis of structural units (units) of small businesses should provide the latest material and technical resources, including the expense of limits on the centrally distributed material resources, in the manner determined by the constituent acts (documents) and the charter of a small business. Thus, you as head of the company can provide an independent small business most profitable department (federal regulations on employing up to 200 people on the Republican – 50) and transfer it to the development of the necessary funds. It would seem that has changed. Meanwhile, much has changed. So, if you are the usual "normal" business, then you can allocate funds for its development only after the final settlement with the state – after paying income taxes. Emmanuel Faber brings even more insight to the discussion.

The more successful you will be develop, the more profit and get to the state. But, of course, you have the desire to direct increased earnings for their own development. Especially, as you know, that money is coming into the state budget, rather spending is often quite unwise.

Company names may be in English only, Chinese only or in both languages simultaneously. The Company can not be registered under the name that is identical to the name existing company. Taxation of Companies in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's taxation system was formed on the model of English and largely inherited the principles of a complex of measures in the British Commonwealth tax policy, adopted in 1947. In Hong Kong there is no division in the company of resident and nonresident, and adopted the principle of territorial taxation. This means that the Hong Kong company to be taxable only in that case, if the income derived from sources in Hong Kong. If the company had no activity in Hong Kong and received no income from sources in Hong Kong, it is not taxable.

The main legislative act is the Law of Internal Revenue (Inland Revenue Ordinance). It provides for the use of four types of income taxes: – income tax – payroll tax – property tax – taxes on interest income. The greatest value in international tax planning is the income tax, which will be discussed in this paper in more detail. In Hong Kong there are no taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest, royalties received from abroad or sent abroad. Income tax rate for companies operating in Hong Kong, is 17.5%. For exemption from income tax, in practice, the company must meet the following criteria: – The company has no fixed place of business in Hong Kong, for example, office, shop, jobs – traded goods should not be made in Hong Kong – None staff working in Hong Kong, – contracts entered into and performed outside Hong Kong, – transportation of goods between ports should be located outside Hong Kong.