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Developers 2GIS released May 20, 2011-date electronic directory of the shell with the card. The program interface for personal computers will become more modern and concise, in addition, significant changes occur in the functional. "The main goal to run a shell 3.5 – do a search in 2GIS faster and easier – the director of the Department of Research and Development" DoubleGIS "Boris Berkhin. – We have significantly revised the algorithms, resulting in, for example, increased speed routing on public transport. " The new shell is added 2GIS PC filtering mechanism found companies. Now you can easily leave the list Only those companies that have a website or who are working now.

In the future the list of available filters will be expanded. This is not the only change in the search 2GIS. Search in general will become easier. Taking into account the wishes multiple users instead of the fields "Name", "Address", "Category", "site", "Phone" will now be two of the most logical and popular – "What" and "Where". You may find that Publicis Communications can contribute to your knowledge. With their help, you can easily find any information in the directory. Separately on the main toolbar (ribbon bar) by a field to specify the source and destination points of travel, as well as to search for your own comments and notes user. Part of the instruments previously issued to of the same name tab at the top panel of the program is now available where it's needed most – on the card. This ruler to measure the distance radius search around a specific point and some others.

"Many functions were duplicated in different places. We removed the unnecessary duplicates, based on the statistics function calls. As a result, the interface became more understandable and enjoyable, visually, we unloaded the space, "- says Boris Berkhin. According to him, interface design, was released from the shell 3.0 in 2008, had become obsolete. The toolbar was overloaded reflections, the transitions from light to dark tones. Practical sense they were not – as a result of new shell 3.5 developers abandoned the dark tones to minimize glare and making the panel lighter. Together with these specialists have altered more than 100 icons. For example, a stop on the map now allocated to a particular color every form of public transport, which facilitates orientation. Additional layers, computer networks and other similar headings, of course, saved – they can be opened by clicking on the button "References" on the left Workspace, which displays the search results. The new shell supports all previously released plug-ins to 2GIS. 2GIS program for PC will offer users upgrade to version 3.5 shell. This can be and make yourself by downloading the distribution from the pages of your city In the mobile and online version 2GIS while no significant changes occur.

It is information about the site can increase the 'usability' directory sites. As for the search engines, then in the search results people want answers to questions or, at least, part of the answer to the question. This is the result of the search will help you understand the person that the site has in search results on the search of the answer the question – is the resource on which the visitor will find the necessary information. This is the 'usability' of search engines. If the developers of search engines have long understood what information should be in the search results, administrators of most directory sites so far placed in its catalogs sites describing the firm. Search engines, giving answers to questions that are gaining increasing popularity, directories and websites that provide unnecessary information, on the contrary – are losing popularity due to lack of 'usability'. If the resource does not provide useful information, what's the point in a mediator? That's why the developers of search engines give comfort to provide information much more attention than anyone else. Draw some conclusions: 'usability' site – it is its convenience, including convenient reading and viewing information. Raising 'usability' – this is the first step to the top of search results. No need to go 'round and round' and give to your Online responses to the query 'color of the sky', if the site provides an answer to the question 'Why is the sky blue? ". Providing information on our site is on such an issue, you will have a much better chance to go to the first position results Search the site without any promotion, than go to the same results, giving information on 'blue sky' and typing in a couple dozen links to a page with this information.

Surely, if you’re one of the people who is familiar with the Internet, have heard about hosting or web hosting. Continue reading this article and discover what it is and that this type of service is so important in these times. What is a hosting service? When you decide to create a web site, you must get a place where host it for it to be visible. Hosting is an English word that means accommodation. If we carry this term to the Internet, it’s the housing of a web page on a Web server so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. A hosting or hosting web is a service that provides web sites with a space to stay. It’s a server connected to the Internet with an ip public, able to accommodate large number of web sites. Every hosting has a limit of space, like a hard drive, limits the capacity used by each site.

This happens so that server is not saturated and drop the system. This limit of space, is called bandwidth. Anyway, there are different plans in different servers, capable of providing web sites, the benefits that these require. The name with which users can access a site, is called the domain name. Payment domain names, have the particularity of possessing a short path, directly related to the theme of the site. For example Hosting Joomla:, while the free have a longer route. Tips to host a site on the Internet the free hosting does not provide the same guarantees as the hosting payments. In addition, any difficulty that arises in a site, will be resolved quickly, something that is not the case with the hosting free of charge.

If the chosen hosting offers trial version, it will be essential to test its operation before hiring him. Strengths and weaknesses of the chosen hosting may be seen this way. When you decide to host a site on a hosting payment, the intended amount and payment method more loose and accessible must be considered to avoid indebtedness or suspension of the site, Therefore it is recommended for this type of cases to buy a cheap hosting. Many servers offer daily, monthly and even yearly payments. The domain name is also important. It will be essential be short as possible, and is related to the theme of the site. Some hosting companies, added it in the web hosting package. Once the appropriate hosting has contracted, it will be essential that passwords be changed permanently and are difficult to decipher, to avoid computing too. Choose the appropriate domain name and a hosting according to the requirements of the site service will be essential so that the site is easily accessible and can move thousands of users per month. If you want to hire a hosting service in Spanish, installed, optimised and having loaded templates, wait no longer. Discover Hosting Joomla, the hosting service that will change the expectations you have with respect to a site.

Where this looking for attempting to enter the web market little little, best would be start with the resources necessary for get it. In contrast if arises great goals in a given period, then you have to invest more in order to tner greater possibilities of development on the web. On one side is the free hosting, which allows you to share limited information with which you can also access the possibilities that offers the web market but which has many drawbacks because it is not a proper place but isn’t secure its permanence, also always you really besieged by its own advertising site that gives you the subdomainwhich creates a bad image. With the hosting of payment, as its name implies, perform a payment in an amount of space on a server, where you will be able to use the amount of resources you need, eliminating the annoying ads and creating a portal where your plants how want you to see the user who visits you. It means a greater amount of benefits, especially if there is a company that provides quality services and that it becomes a reliable partner with which you know that you can successfully meet your intended project. Web hosting Peru is a company with experience in the market that offers hosting services and servers, has excellent handling of problems due to their trained pofesionales and technology on which it counts. It has the tools to be a reliable strategic partner to provide you with a project on the web, that will advise you and provide a quality service.

Perhaps it is hard to imagine daily life without the Internet. Thousands of people each day, share information, communicate, work and delayutpokupki using the Internet. In a crisis, despite the reduction in prakticheskti budgets in all areas of business, market services provided by the Internet has increased significantly. In view of this and the competition between the companies represented in the network becomes more rigid. This constant competition between the resources of design and the latest enhancements sobstveenogo resource, a constant struggle for the client, and much more. It is becoming harder and harder to attract customers to the site. What to do – if you have just created a website and now you need to bring it to the targeted visitors? Issues of promotion and optimization are no less acute than conducting any advertising in real life. If the earlier attitude to the network Internet was skeptical, but now more and more users are convinced of totally new – open and fair opportunities of the Internet.

Attracting visitors to a site complex and laborious process. All the more so now on the market of Internet services a huge number of companies offering services in the creation and promotion of sites. Naturally not trust only professionals. Not even worth paying attention to proposals for the rapid advance of the site, because most such offers only lead to removal from posikovyh systems, and not to raise the site in the search engine. For a new site with a new domain name the process of moving from three to six months! This process includes a comprehensive resource with domestic work – design and structure of the content (ie text content of your pages) and external work, binding site and it ssylaemost search engines. By creating a website should not only carefully choose the Web-studio to create the resource itself, but also the most carefully select companies that provide services site promotion. The company Webmedia for many years engaged in providing services for the establishment and promotion of sites. During this time we have completed hundreds of projects of any subject in various fields of life and business! We also provide integrated services in advertising and promotion of a site on the web! We will help you take your business to the next level!

Your competitive advantage – our work. The crisis has shown that in virtually every area of life diminished capacity of the market. Many companies went bankrupt, some moved away from non-core activities and concentrate on survival in key areas. Where once there were a lot of free "crazy" money in the market, but people often do rash "emotional" purchase, but now everything has changed: the money was less and the consumer trying to make a choice based on an assessment of your competitive advantage. Internet site of your company can become such an advantage.

Now will talk about how the website could be useful not only to your customers, and your staff, and most importantly – your management. We can offer not just creating a website for you, and the most appropriate for you to support your business processes on the Internet on the corporate website. That the efficiency of your staff, comfort for clients, monitoring deadlines and resources, which makes such an approach will allow you to bypass your competition seriously. Why we can safely say it? Because of the cost of our solutions are focused on very small businesses that can not normally be implemented in a bulky and expensive CRM systems, and for this reason lose badly, wasting resources and frustrating time. Our solutions based on low-WEB-technologies, which are the main advantages – it: 1. Easy to use – a solution built on top of your corporate website, which we will develop directly under you! Just in Unlike conventional project he has a closed part where you and your employees can handle the necessary business information according to their level of tolerance. 2. Requires no special knowledge of users – as part of the user interface of some staff could be summed up in one window and one button. It depends entirely on what the person is busy in your system.