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Even if you not possible to serve others, or are not willing to do so, at least, avoid harm. This is a form of good service. The man is the synthesis of all the feelings, emotions and reactions that arise in your mind. The mind is the seat of all the cravings, desires and thoughts. When the mind is clean, also the world recognizes will be clean. When the mind is murky and tarnished by the fear, the world appears as something miserable and depressed.

There are many people who blames the world, unaware that lack is in them mimes. To love and serve their homeland. Not hate or prejudice to the homeland of others if failure comes, take it as a challenge to greater efforts; analyse the reason by which they failed, and take advantage of the benefit of that experience. Learn how students of truth to have good success within the turbulence of life and to live without causing pain to others and feel you. To accept the world as it is. Never wait this will conform to your needs or standards. Do not despise your neighbor.

It encourages the signs of higher intelligence and creativity of others. Envy is the cause of ruin. The structure of creation is an amalgam of right and wrong, of joy and pain, cold and heat; Therefore, it is against nature expect only the good and happy, or just as bad and painful. It is not possible to uproot the good from the world completely, neither uproot nor entirely bad in any way. However, the burden of the bad and the agony of pain can be reduced in proportion to the loyalty the man offering the sublime ideals and efforts made to implement. When the world comes to vanish, when they feel Bliss or even live a fleeting joy situation, choose the State and save it, do not permit a relapse to the emotions or thoughts of ego every man comes from a series of spiritual rays whose quality is of delight and happiness.

The boliviano, or hand and Morales, real. The whip of the Rufus the boliviano, or hand and Morales, real by Ricardo Sanchez-serra * Bolivian rulers were given by them more where hurt and it was time that President Alan Garcia give them a quiet tate by its continual insolence and betrayals. Why we loved and more than that, had a taste of justice – saying that Bolivia does while resigned to an exit to the sea I have that impression because it has not become to treat that firm and clearly with Chile.Bolivia makes groupers called public, lyrical, its unjust Mediterranean the Peru did not cause – and their rulers increase them when they need silence their domestic problems, but does nothing concrete to retrieve its exit to the sea. And if not we talk about the military road, which would unfortunately be the last trail, but that for years and especially in the period of Evo Morales that lies occupied in destroy the nation and not build his country – the Bolivian Foreign Ministry seems tired, without brio, without ideas, without efforts to perform a diplomatic offensive that reverts his unjust enclosure.And not occurred to him better idea, how modern and repeated Judas, of the attention by intervening in a bilateral between Peru and Chile.No matter can understand why Bolivia points out that it is going to be harmed by the demand of Peruvian against Chile at the International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ), to retrieve 95,000 km2 of the Grau sea, over which Chile has domain currently hiding in an agreement merely fishing. or is that La Paz was negotiating secretly with Santiago a once more out to sea by former Peruvian territory from Arica, linked to the Peru eternally through the Treaty of 1929?Even more, the acme of despair, seeking publicity or demonstrating a supine ignorance the former President leading and Bolivian opposition Jorge Quiroga said the dispute between Peru and Chile to the ICJ is by Bolivian water.

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Work on the internet is the same; use our potential (for what are good), and make it available to millions of people around the world and make a great profit, especially economic. Who knows that knowledge we have and we can sell, which can be useful for a person from a distant country to ours? If you would like we can help companies to promote and improve its products, with simply evaluate your products on the Web? The myriad of things we can do to work on the Internet cannot help generate revenue solid and permanent, and above all, taking control of the time that we spend. Work on the Internet is one of the best alternatives we have to use our own skills for our benefit, without relying on work for others or simply achieving a great opportunity within increasingly more competitive world of work. If you want to in life different simplemete wish you make things different. Visit my website: original author and source of the article.

2. On the occasion in which occurred the work of identification of an area nandeva Potrero Guasu, Paranhos/MS, in December 1997 the Guarani were mobilized and rituals extended until dawn, for example. However, most of the rituals of which I participated occurred in ordinary contexts and lasted about three hours. 3. The change of point of view seems to be a constant in the practice of several societies exercise. On the Arawete, for example, Viveiros de Castro said that the complexity of the shamanistic songs lies in the expository assemblage there established. The music of the gods is a single vowel, but is, linguistically, a dialogue or a polyphony, where various characters appear in various ways.

Know who sings what sings and for whom is the basic problem. (1996: 548, underlined by the author). 4 They are here considered scales as cultural constructs, spectrum of the sounds that make up songs. To say that singing is running on the setback, I am whereas the marking of rhythm unit is performed with the takuapu and singing lies outside the dialing. 5. Among the Kamayura term cognate ywyyraparayat is used to talk the owner’s bow, recurve bow champion in the ritual intertribal xinguano Yawari, and which acted as a warrior in the conflicts of the past, according to Menezes Bastos. The author says that, in several aspects, such as use of darts and propellers as weapons, singing of songs by charging smoking darts, etc., narrated by the Kamayura wars are similar with the current rite of the Yawari (1990: 93,339). 6 Apapocuva is the name of one of the Guarani sub-groups with whom Nimuendaju lived the first years of the 20th century, accompanying the migration of some families coming from the South of Mato Grosso do Sul towards the southeastern coast of Brazil.