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Overview of model aircraft Edge 540 Edge 540 aircraft known in the world of aviation sports like high-class aerobatic machine that can perform the most difficult aerobatic maneuvers. Also, in aircraft design using modern composite materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, which allows it to withstand the maximum loads of up to 15 Gs. The plane makes an American firm Zivko Aeronautics Inc. His first flight Edge 540 made in 1993. Today, these aircraft are in U.S. national team in aerobatics. This model aircraft produced by German company Jamara. This is a small model with a wingspan of 1100 mm, designed for installation on its internal-combustion engine capacity of 4 cu.

cm or brushless electric motor powered by Li-Po batteries. The fuselage is made of balsa, the wing also tselnobalzovoe dialup. All wooden parts are laser-sharp on the CNC machine and built quite well. In set a model airplane (ARF) are ready and covered with foil in different colors fuselage, tail fin, and stabilizer wing. Also included a number of other accessories needed for assembly: Chassis with wheels, tank, 2 engine mounts (under the engine and electricity), a fiberglass cowl, clear canopy, carbon fiber rods, screws, installation guide and a sheet of decorative stickers. The wing consists of two halves that are glued to each other. Already on the wing installed ailerons. For mounting on the model recommended servos mikrorazmera type HS55 or Xn-Micro Blue.

In a variant of the aircraft with the engine they will need 4 pieces. Assembling such a model presents no difficulties. This model is suitable for pilots who already have experience of piloting the aircraft. The model is very well managed, easy to perform inverted flight.

Desktop puzzle game Rummikub has long conquered the world. Those who have not heard anything about it, we are ready to tell all … Rummikub (Rummikub) – this is one of the most famous games in the world. It appeared in Palestine in the early 30s of the twentieth century by Ephraim Horttsano, Jewish immigrants from Romania. It is believed that the first version of the board game he fashioned in his own backyard. It combines elements of dominoes, bingo, chess and mahjong.

By 1977, this game absolutely captivated the entire world. Rummikub game exciting, simple, with lots of surprises and fun moments. It consists of four hundred and four tiles of different colors (black, yellow, red and blue) containing two copies of the figures 1 to 13, and two plates with the image of a joker that can replace any other figure. The purpose of this amazing game – the first to get rid of all of its tiles, comprising various combinations of the playing field: rows of tiles of one colors, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or group of tiles of different colors, but the same rank – such as four tiles of red, blue, black and yellow with dignity 5. Rummikub may seem a simple game, but this will not win without mindfulness, the ability to calculate several moves ahead.

The game is designed it for 2-4 persons and is ideal for family evenings, but fairly simple rules will allow children to play along with adults and get a lot of fun. In 1980 he was recognized as Rummikub game of the year in Germany, in 1983 – in Denmark. This game is suitable for everybody – and lovers of a relaxing family vacation, and lovers of full-fledged battles. No wonder the motto of this game "Rummikub – Brings people together! "Hurry to give to her friends as they do not have the same gift to you!