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In the young adult age it is the moment where if it all seats the base for the physical functioning of the remain of the life. What the jovensadultos eat, how much they are physically active, if they smoke, they drink or they use drugs all these factors very contribute for the health and it welfare in the gift and the future. (Diane and, Papalia 2006) the criterion of election of the sample was not probabilist. The sample was of (n=40) men constituted by colleges student of the courses of physical education, right and engineering of the So Paulo university. The criterion of inclusion for the participation in the study was to have the age of 20 the 40 years (young adult) and to be of the masculine sex. The final population of the study was of (n= 40) with the average age of (25,45 ) years. None of the interviewed ones had been excluded by some another factor. For evaluation of the corporal satisfaction, corporal appearance is deducted to it real from the ideal corporal appearance, being able to vary of -8 up to 8.

If this variation will be equal the zero, classifies the young adult as satisfied; different if of zero, is classified as unsatisfied. In case that the difference is positive, it is a insatisfao for the weight excess; e, when negative, a insatisfao for the magreza. In this study 25% of the men they were satisfied with its corporal image, therefore they had chosen equal the real image the ideal, and 75.00% are unsatisfied being that 35.00% are unsatisfied for the magreza and 40.00% for the weight excess. The obesidade reaches in majority people in the etria band of the 18 to the 29 years and in people with some university formation. (Mokdad ET AL., 1999) thus prevailing to the insatisfao for the excess of corporal weight. The continuity of the studies with bigger number of citizens and comment of other 0 variable as been nutricional and level of physical activity is necessary, therefore if it knows that the satisfaction with the corporal image depends on multiple factors.