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The interview with the candidate to a job in the personnel selection process is a conversation oriented towards a goal, in which the interviewer and the candidate Exchange appropriate information. Although this interview is a selection tool inadequate for most of the work, very often the interview is the main determinant of evaluation in the selection of candidates. The main actors in the interview of personnel selection are the interviewer and the applicant. The interviewer should have a nice, behave with empathy personality, and demonstrate the ability to listen and communicate effectively. You should be aware (a) stereotypes relating to women and minority groups, faculties and has the duty to know in depth the laws governing the recruitment and employment practices. (Mondy and Noah, 1993).

Furthermore, to correctly determine the qualifications of applicants is essential to have a solid knowledge of the job to play and their requirements. In interviews, use of open questions which invite you to a detailed response and which poll the knowledge of the candidate should be. There are four important areas in the information that must be obtained from the candidate: their knowledge related to work to play, also related to the same personal qualities, his interest in the post play, and the orientation of his professional career. The interviewer must always bear in mind that all inquiries made in the interview must be work-related to perform. According to Robbins (1993), the candidate better prepared in job search techniques is often that gets the offer of work, even if he or she is not the best candidate for the post. In the article entitled selection of candidates: a bet? Do Employee selection: a role of the says? (1990) offers the following suggestions for the evaluation of candidates: don’t rely on the self-evaluation of candidates; tell that to give examples of how it worked in specific situations. Beyond the charges. A candidate may have been supervisor, but that doesn’t mean that he or she is a good supervisor.

Don’t always rely on their first impressions; you could end up rejecting the best candidates. The main objective of applicants to a job is make a favorable impression and this is a situation that could inadvertently lead to an inadequate representation of themselves. Do works consulted Employee selection: a roll of the says?

Desktop puzzle game Rummikub has long conquered the world. Those who have not heard anything about it, we are ready to tell all … Rummikub (Rummikub) – this is one of the most famous games in the world. It appeared in Palestine in the early 30s of the twentieth century by Ephraim Horttsano, Jewish immigrants from Romania. It is believed that the first version of the board game he fashioned in his own backyard. It combines elements of dominoes, bingo, chess and mahjong.

By 1977, this game absolutely captivated the entire world. Rummikub game exciting, simple, with lots of surprises and fun moments. It consists of four hundred and four tiles of different colors (black, yellow, red and blue) containing two copies of the figures 1 to 13, and two plates with the image of a joker that can replace any other figure. The purpose of this amazing game – the first to get rid of all of its tiles, comprising various combinations of the playing field: rows of tiles of one colors, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or group of tiles of different colors, but the same rank – such as four tiles of red, blue, black and yellow with dignity 5. Rummikub may seem a simple game, but this will not win without mindfulness, the ability to calculate several moves ahead.

The game is designed it for 2-4 persons and is ideal for family evenings, but fairly simple rules will allow children to play along with adults and get a lot of fun. In 1980 he was recognized as Rummikub game of the year in Germany, in 1983 – in Denmark. This game is suitable for everybody – and lovers of a relaxing family vacation, and lovers of full-fledged battles. No wonder the motto of this game "Rummikub – Brings people together! "Hurry to give to her friends as they do not have the same gift to you!