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The decals are a product or decorative element ever known by the vast majority of people, especially with custom internet users visit blogs of decoration. It is easy to understand the result and even the decorative possibilities offered by low cost and quick and simple installation. But in its installation where there are more doubts when deciding to buy one, how to install and can be put in which surfaces. As to the how there are several ways of doing this and every online shop proposes yours with more or less detail. We have a way to see that it is not as complicated as it seems, although do not always work me, it is to say that ironing a shirt is quite simple, at least iron it well, but of course, if this person is man can tell us that there are usually ironed shirts. Then we go to the grain and tell them that everything is follow the step by step procedure. They then say that you as everything. Isn’t it? Well yes because as everything, we answer them.

Everything can be learned, to ironing shirts. They stay quiet thinking that you know what to put but if you ask me the question of: we have gotele, you can paste on the gotele? We have a very fine gotele, is it possible? And this is a question something more complex responding because it can be but the result maybe is not that they expect. Since then the vinyl adhesive will be paste to the projections of the gotele and even vinyl, wherever Matt, will conceal the roughness of the wall. That is, for those who doubt it: decorative vinyl can be put on a wall with gotele and so much for the fine as the thickness. That Yes should be properly painted and then wipe well streched heat. The negative part is that the aesthetics of the decorative vinyl is intended for smooth walls and that if it is intended to have an optimal result ideally smooth the wall where you wish to paste the vinyl, choose a wall color and color of vinyl that work on the decoration of the room, and then proceed to gluing the vinyl. Everything depends on the aesthetic pretensions of users. But power can be. Author original and source of the article