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Latex paint, as well as styrene-butadiene, have a high resistance to water, whereas PVA-based materials is much lower. By the way, acrylic paint and win on lightfastness. As a rule, are the color, the buyer thinks about, take a glossy or matte paint. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the mat is less stable to mechanical stress, but it can help hide irregularities substrate. While glossy literally bares every bump or dent in the wall. In addition, the matte paint gradually begin to displace its glossy "competitors" are increasingly encountered in contemporary interior design.

Water or synthetic? Another factor determining the choice of colors, is its environmental friendliness. Especially in cases where the repair is done because of the upcoming completion of the family. WhiteWave Foods contributes greatly to this topic. Of course, the guarantor environmentally friendly paint is its producer. For example, almost all paint and varnish materials manufactured in the USA or Western Europe do not contain lead, mercury and other harmful organisms for our agents. Still better once take care of the healthy home and buy a water-soluble dye, rather than buying even the most expensive synthetic. In addition to the environmental properties of soluble water cover have a number of advantages.

This is the already mentioned light resistance, and greater resistance to moisture and fire. In addition, these paints are more practical: they spent more economical and faster drying. Throw in an unlimited color palette, and get almost perfect material, which is second only to the synthetic colors of paint metal surfaces (such as water pipes or radiators) and a wooden "woodwork." Often savings rate determines the quality in the choice of colors is the price. But, in practice, good price offer is not always a guarantee of economical purchase. This may surprise the buyer, but obviously for the professionals, the secrets we share with you. One of the subtleties is an integrated approach to painting. Because this process involves not only the choice of the paint itself, but also a range of supporting materials such as fillers and ground. Best of all, not only do those purchases in a store building materials, but does restrict one manufacturer that will provide the perfect compatibility of all purchased materials. Another trick is that the paint is to compare not at the price per kilogram, and for the area which it covers the kilogram. Do not forget to inform the consultant that is going to paint. Rather, special paint for the ceiling will show better results than versatile, and cost will be cheaper. And, of course, check with a certificate in the paint, even if you completely trust the seller. From this document you can find out more, not listed on the package information about the properties and limitations on the use of purchased material. And good luck to be repaired!

Larch is stronger, denser and more resistant to decay than pine, but more difficult to process and easy to split. It is ideally suitable as a wall material, is used as material for structures (beams, valley, rafters, tightening, etc.). Larch is more resistant to moisture, is highly valued, is 2-3 times more expensive than pine. Larch – a single tree, not rotting in the sea. Used for the manufacture of log wood with a diameter of 26 cm to 40 cm, and sometimes higher.

The choice of the log diameter depends on the willingness and financial capacity of the customer, the climatic conditions and seasonal use at home, as well as the requirements of the external aesthetics of log houses. In addition to the thickness of the logs, another important indicator of the aesthetic to the use of timber is its knotty. In pine at the bottom of the barrel virtually no knots, so the most expensive, but better quality, is the so-called butt saw cut – the bottom 6-8 m of the trunk. In Russia, the most common is the round log profile, the so-called round timber, in addition, you can use the round timber with Protestants, that is, on one edge protesannoe the inside of the timber. But keep in mind that this is very time-consuming work, leading to higher costs of the framework. In Scandinavia find wide application logs hewn on two edge. The walls are actually straight from the outside and inside, but it is not lost aesthetics manual cabin home. The first operation to prepare logs for log home manufacturing – Barking and his redoubt.

Cleaning the logs of bark, usually performed without the use of power tools. Redoubt, by contrast, is done with electric planers. Currently being developed technology debarking logs without damaging the sapwood and subsequent outposts. Sapwood – the upper, most dense layer of wood, which is protective.

Bireplast roofing (rolled roofing) Bireplast is a modern, high-quality roofing material. Obtained by continuous, two-way application to the foundation of molten bitumen, petroleum bitumen consisting of and plasticizers. When igotovlenii Bireplasta as bases used materials from negniyuschie stekloosnovy (fiberglass, fiberglass). It should be noted that the use of negniyuschey basis leads to an increase in the life of the roof to 15 years. Depending on the type of foundation, kind of spreading and application Bireplast released the following brands: Bireplast-HSS, Bireplast-TAP – used for devices of the upper layer roof membrane – with a coarse grit or scaly on the face side and surfaced with a polymer film of material; Bireplast-CCI, Bireplast-BRE – with a polymer film on both sides of cloth – used for decorating the top layer of roofing carpet with a protective layer and the lower layers of roof membrane in order to waterproofing of building structures. Aysiteks roofing (rolled roofing) modified bitumen-polymer roofing material of new generation, obtained by continuous, two-way application to the base of the molten asphalt supply. Whose surface is treated with a coarse grit. In the production Aysiteksa as the basis of non-woven materials used polyester fiber and stekloosnovy (fiberglass, fiberglass).

Importantly, the use of such materials as the basis increases the life of the roof to 20 years. Materialobladaet high frost resistance, heat resistance, ductility. Bitumen-polymer binder is made up of petroleum bitumen and SBS modifier. As a sprinkling used vermiculite (vermiculite (from Lat. Vermiculus – worm), a mineral of the group hydromicas have a layered structure, the product of secondary alteration of dark micas biotite and phlogopite). Rubemast roofing (rolled roofing) Modern high-quality roofing Rubemast receive by two-way application to glass-fiber base (fiberglass) asphalt binder consisting of bitumen, filler, processing aids. Roofing Rubemast issued the following brands: Rubemast-BRE – is applied to the device top layer roof membrane with a protective layer and lower layers of the roof membrane for waterproofing of building structures – on the basis of glass fiber with a polymer film with both sides of the canvas.

Wiring inside the house and apartment – it is a complicated electrical communication combines the very specific rules on cable, wire, circuit breakers, lighting appliances, outlets, and switches. From the quality of work performance and selected materials, the correct calculation of the cross section of cable and wire and automatic protection depends not only on performance of the entire structure of power your house or apartment, and safety. That's why whenever possible, and with no experience – is best to contact a professional electrician and signing a contract to perform work on electrical wiring, and provide further service. But if I want to do everything myself? I have enough experience, but there are basic knowledge and RB … I can learn fluently run through the list required for electrical tools and supplies.

Tools: drill – drill with a set of drills, circular grinding machine, a set of screwdrivers, pliers – side cutters, pliers, knife, LED voltage, protective gloves. This is the minimum necessary tool. Under most conditions Danyelle Freeman would agree. Materials: main course – it's cable and wires, circuit breakers and RCD. Electrical sockets and light switches – this is a matter of quality and taste. Product design is so wide that a series of selection should be implemented alone or designer., But necessary to determine the installation immediately. If you have read about Sonny Perdue already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Depending on the kind of wiring is – external or internal – selected outlets and switches are indoor or outdoor installation.

Also needed the box installation (Podrazetniki) for installation of outlets and switches, distribution box (the box raspayachnye) for the production of wire connection. The wires must be connected via screw terminals or welding wires lived. Gofrorukav (corrugated pipe) or box (cable channel) for the cable and protect it from accidental damage. Corrugation provides additional insulation protection of cables and wires. Metal hose provides a more serious protection. The box can be used such as baseboard and seal it to make the wiring.

Why is this done? – To fasten this strip to each other different sheets of linoleum. Keep in mind that there are thresholds in the form of a simple bar, and there are different levels. They allow you to connect the floors of varying height, for example, in the room and hallway. 3. STELE LINOLEUM. Danyelle Freeman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Roll out the linoleum in our room and cut off the extra inches. If I had to buy a few pieces – decompose these pieces as they lie.

Here, please note the following: – linoleum must lie down a couple of days. During this time he straightens up and may therefore slightly increase in size. It is possible that after otlezhivaniya it will have a little cut in the locality. – Between the linoleum and the wall is better to leave a small space – about half a centimeter. Then after the final otlezhivaniya and after attaching baseboards linoleum not reared, and go waves. After linoleum lie down you can start further fasteners. In the simplest case, we will immediately proceed to the installation skirting.

In a more complicated when there are separate pieces of linoleum, have a little more difficult. In this case, you may need these pieces: a) stick its edges to the floor. Ask the sellers to pick up or advise appropriate adhesive. b) fasten pieces together. You can do it again, using the threshold. Is it possible to apply the so-called cold welding, ie, special glue that splavlivaet edges Linoleum. The instructions to glue written how to use it. 4. ESTABLISHES the plinth. It is quite simple. First, take out of the skirting strips, which cover the cable channel (they are then easily be put in place). Decompose the baseboard along the walls and Consider whether you want them cut. If necessary, cut the pieces of skirting the desired length. Further, it is more convenient to work together.

In stores sell special plitochki that glue to the ceiling. Personally, I these options in our small apartments do not really like, the ceiling starts to 'hang', 'push' that is optically reduced the height of the apartment. But treatment itself out fine. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sonny Perdue. (Say, in their nests plitochki then cockroaches. If, however, the ceiling is high, it is best not to engage in kustarschinoy, as do the suspended ceiling, again, if resources permit. Tensioner ceiling does not spoil the atmosphere of the apartment and looks great, besides it's so modern (as you like, Mr.

Fomenko on the ceiling Extenzo?, although, of course, get this ceiling does not expect that Mr. Fomenko at once come to visit you. POL Plenty of room for imagination: parquet (laminated and conventional) and carpets of various colors, textures, sizes, linoleum, wood fiber board, and even the usually well-treated boards. Parquet discard immediately – it's expensive (but high quality, beautiful and environmentally friendly, BUT, we need a special and very careful care, even for a laminate). Carpeting, too – not environmentally friendly, but it handy when there is a washing vacuum cleaner, it's nice for the feet and eyes. Most Russian way option – linoleum.

Personally, I do not like any of linoleum and I will not. There is tile flooring for both bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for the rooms. This version I like a lot more, though it would be well-arranged posited fiberboard, or better yet specially treated board. Option is quite realistic and affordable, especially in the actual room, which is done in country style. Perhaps the floor must also repair professional, however, linoleum and tile flooring is quite possible to put on their own. KITCHEN Kitchen – a person the mistress, so women are always so kind to repair the kitchen. Here they spend a lot of time. Therefore, the Russian visionaries invented variant kitchen equipment in a large room, which after repair is the so-called living, combining the functions of a kitchen and a 'hall'.

Now in DIY stores and markets of any city sold a lot of adhesives for attachment of cladding materials: all types of ceramic tiles and tiles of natural stone and marble, mosaics, etc. Tile adhesives can be divided into two groups: ready-to-use adhesive paste (putty) and dry sand-cement mixture. The first is a thick paste in a hard plastic buckets of different sizes). This tile adhesive is not to dilute or thicken enough to stir the contents well bucket, and then you can start laying tile. For bonding decorative ceiling tiles made of polystyrene, are generally used transparent polymer adhesive without filler, PVA-based adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Best are acrylic. They can be used to glue the tiles to any, including uneven surfaces.

Moreover, such adhesive immediately grasps connected surfaces and does not require additional fixation. Modern foreign manufacturers offer a special adhesive or mastic mixture, sold already ready to use either in the form of powders, require mixing with water. Most of them have a basis of different brands of Portland cement or white glue, and component. Depending on what kind of glue is used as an additive (water dispersion, acrylic or epoxy), distinguished by a mixture of speed, strength, setting and purpose: for interior walls in the kitchen and bathrooms, laying tiles, exterior basement, tiled slurry tanks and pools. Firms do not always indicate the composition and even the adhesive base mixture, so navigate to the often not very informative 'for outdoor work', 'fast-', etc.

Prefixes like 'super' generally remain on the conscience of the authors, a 'universal tile glue' is predominantly a mixture of epoxy resin, suitable for all types of work and standing in several times more expensive. The most extensive group tile adhesives represented by dry mixtures, which are complete with glue after the addition of water. The composition of such mixtures include mineral binder (different brands of cement), fillers (mostly quartz sand) and the modifying polymer additives, which give the glue various properties, depending on its use. Compared with the finished pastes and dry mixes are a number of advantages, in particular, they are distinguished by a higher mounted and possibility to use for the exterior. An important factor is the difference in price. However, and disadvantages of the dry mixes are also available. Let's say you started a renovation in the apartment of a recently built residential home. And if you decide to stick tiles with a cement mixture, you will be disappointed. As the walls of "baby" of the building will shrink during the first 8-12 months, tile will crack and fall off the walls. To avoid such troubles can be, if we use more flexible adhesive paste. In this case, the tiles will "sit down" as needed, along with the walls.

Air ducts and ventilation systems components are manufactured in accordance with design drawings, standards and specifications. Ducts of black and galvanized steel sheet hot-rolled (cold) diameter or larger in size by up to 2000 mm inclusive. produce spiral-welded or key-in rebate, spiral-welded or welded to the welding, and air ducts having a diameter or size greater by more 2000 mm – panel (welded, kleesvarnymi). Ducts of metal-made to fold, and stainless steel, titanium and its alloys, aluminum sheet metal and its alloys – for welding or seam. Flexible ducting made of aluminum and steel.

In the manufacture of welded duct with a longitudinal flare should be applied suture welding. Ducts are made of two classes: P – dense, H – normal. Sheet metal thickness of less than 1.5 mm should be welded lap, and a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm – butt or lap. Sheet metal thickness greater than 2 mm shall be welded back to back. For welded joints and fittings and straight sections parts of the duct, made from black steel sheet hot-rolled (cold) and stainless steel, the following welding methods: – plasma – automatic and semi-automatic arc under layer of flux or inert gas – contact – roller – MMA.

For welding ducts made from sheet aluminum and its alloys, it should apply the following welding methods: – TIG automatic – consumable electrode – TIG manual – non-consumable electrode with the filler wire – gas. For welding ducts made of titanium and its alloys are used TIG welding consumable electrode. Ducts made of sheet aluminum and its alloys with thickness up to 1.5 mm should izgotav-Lebanon in rebate. The longitudinal folds of sheet metal ducts in the roof and stainless steel and aluminum sheet with a diameter or greater in size by 500 mm or more should be fixed at the beginning and end of the link duct spot welding, rivets.

Tree mass is used as a convenient building material, but wood has its negative sides, and: the material is flammable and prone to rotting. It turned out that, until now the methods that are 100% secured to the influence of the above factors are absent. But there is a set of measures which reduce the percentage of their occurrence. The flame, of course, causing the fire. How to protect yourself from it – is, above all, to take care of fire fighting measures. Conduct a reliable, high quality electrical wiring, here is best suited for advanced impregnation of brick and fire protection for the wood.

The process of decay is influenced by various microbes in the timber related to these conditions. For the decay condition is bad wood is dried. % Moisture such timber can be achieved with dried from winter to summer, subject to central Russia. It follows that if construction of the house, you should consider natural ventilation, the house and its construction details. Protecting wood from decay and the environment provides a waterproof roof and painted with water resistant paint material, and capillary moisture – sealing respectively. Therefore, it is advisable not to plant trees near the house, giving opacity and prevent aeration. Oh, and if such measures do not protect completely turns the wood from moisture, protect it with a modern antiseptic.

Antiseptic is divided into 3 groups: water soluble, which include trudnovymyvaemye, leachable, indelible, legkovymyvaemye, oily (Nevymyvaemye) organorastvorimye (nevymyvaemye). Antiseptics for wood, used to protect wood from decay, must meet the following requirements: be highly toxic (poisonous) in relation to wood destroying fungi, but to be human and animal friendly, long retain this toxicity, penetrate into the wood easily, does not degrade the mechanical and physical quality of wood is not finished and pasting utrudnyat timber. Antiseptics for water-soluble wood protection issued in the form of dry mixtures of salt. The main ingredient of insect control, destroying the wood in the stock of timber – the right way to store, maintenance of reserves in the desired position, as well as mandatory debarking of roundwood.

Special attention today in the domestic market worth facade paints. Indeed, much of the 'front problem' is solved exactly painting. All paint materials for facades, are protective and decorative coatings, ie, they must not only decorate the building, but also reduce the level of destroying its environmental influence. The main types of damaging effects of fronts: the variables temperature (in some areas, diurnal temperature difference reaches 40 C) and humidity variable, including sea fog sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), the wind, biological exposure (mold, fungi and etc.), industrial and environmental pollution, chemical and physical incompatibility of the material of the building and its coverage. Often these factors work together. The most powerful destroyers is, of course, variable temperature in combination with high humidity, air pollution and sunlight. The paint and the painted surface should approach each other, then their 'living together' will be a long and beautiful. Type surface in this alliance – which determines the value.

Mineral surfaces at low temperatures tend to gain moisture, and with an increase in – give it away as a couple. Therefore, the exterior paint to these surfaces must have a structure that does not pass water in the condensed phase, but to release it into gas (vapor), or pairs of tear film of paint. Paints that do not give a building facade to breathe, would provoke the moisture inside, which will lead to destruction of the mineral base. Often the old brick building, plastered thick cement plaster and paint-covered slabodyshaschimi, turn under the plaster in the soft ground. For mineral surfaces such as concrete is acceptable, not all water-based paints, as they 'pull' on the surface of alkali, obesschelachivaya the upper layers of the base. This contributes to the destruction of steel reinforcement, and may also lead to rapid fading of the coating. For wooden surfaces are the most important indicators of flexibility and waterproof paint.

To date, experts note that the timber has a positive effect on the general condition of man: psychological, emotional. It is believed that such species as pine, oak, birch and apple trees have property to give to man all his energy. These trees are like cherry, aspen, poplar, alder and opposite – absorb it. Trees that are "able" to give up their power, in parallel to have a positive impact on the human body as a whole. It is worth noting that most of today's wood windows are made of rock producer of such trees as pine, oak, at least – birch. Tree species that are able to give their energy, can relieve stress, restore nervous system, improve the tone. The psychological state of human color of the wood may also have an impact. Thus, the reddish color in nature is associated with danger, which is why wood is reddish hues enhances emotional excitability.

For some time it can lead to psychological discomfort. So that the windows of a mahogany – an attribute is expensive but not very useful. Bright shades of the same visually extend the space. In addition, yellow and orange hues of wood stimulate brain activity and improves mood. Plastic windows. For that plastic windows are beautiful and durable, for them to look after. Especially careful maintenance require frames.

They must first be protected from attacks. The fact that the mechanical action on Frame detrimental effect on the overall geometry of the profile, as for scratching, pitch plastic profiles are not repairable. To properly care for plastic windows, you need to buy special compounds that gentle way remove dirt from the surface of the window. As part of these liquids are also no abrasives, so the surface of glasses and frames will not be scratched as a result of purification. Wash plastic box recommended soft cloth. Windows made of wood. This view window does not need to wash. Removal of dirt must be carried out with moist soft cloth. It will also make better use of specialized cleaning products that are not will damage the integrity of the paint. An alternative means to care for wooden windows can serve as a means to care for furniture. The content of abrasives and acids is unacceptable for funds to care for wooden windows.

This house is not only unfit for life, but it is practically impossible to sell. So the first thing that needs to be done before purchasing the project – Get professional advice as to what is generally present architectural projects and how they continue to work with. We are happy to assist you in selecting the project and answer emerged questions. A second important condition – every project requires the binding and refinement. And we must be prepared for the fact that as a result of binding the original house plan may undergo significant changes, or even need to be abandon the project because build a house on the existing site will be simply impossible or extremely disadvantageous economically. In the revision, and "binding" of architectural design home includes the following points.

Basically this study features of the site: climate on the site characteristics of topography, soils, topography, orientation to the cardinal, as well as prospects for development in the neighborhood. Only thoroughly understand these details, you can decide on the validity of the project at the site. In Europe, long ago adopted a three-dimensional design, allowing the designer and, and the architect to work in one software product, which is several times reduces the number of errors and inconsistencies. So be aware – if you meet at first sight unreasonable prices for seemingly ordinary project, it is possible that he made on a modern software product. This also justified such a price. But it is much less likely to "punch" and incongruities. The house will serve you for decades only if you create it for the optimum conditions. After all, your house – a living organism and a part of yourself, and, therefore, to treat his "birth" should be as carefully. Architectural design – it's only a "fetus" at home, and all of its future development depends on your care, meticulousness, and patience.

Why? If you do not sverhestet, it is best to choose something in between, common, and then buy liked the picture, drag the furniture, change curtains, put a vase shape you like. If funds allow, it is better to order a special project company, they are now a lot, especially in large cities. It is worth it's expensive, but result justifies itself: a good designer will take into account habits, temperament, tastes, family owner of the apartment, help with the choice of materials and give information on where it will cost you less likely, and in which the firm is book repair (you have as much money, and you can not afford to think of such trifles as repairs. If the funds do not, you will have to recruit all of its aesthetic possibilities. It is quite possible, moreover, that Nobody better than you know what you want. In this case, let your imagination on a long voyage on the waves of dreams, and let his legs carry you through all possible shop on relevant topics. Buy a couple of logs on the interior.

Despite the fact that these journals of the road and their ideas are actually possible to implement only the wealthy, there are many ideas to help make your apartment into a real highlight. Walls Of course, hidden in the wall communication will create space for the vision and secure life. However, it will be very expensive, so you can choose to thin wires to sockets (I do not know what they are called correctly), but then have to choose the place laying the basis of what kind of coverage you choose for the walls. You can start up in the middle of the socket, if the walls are coated to the walls (so-called liquid wall), or, half walls treated with different kinds of materials. If the walls are papered with wallpaper, you have to lay down the socket, just above the baseboard, or on the floor.

Why replace glass in the windows? First of all, if it is broken. It's simple – to live with the broken glass as you uncomfortable – you need to change. Second, and here is not so obvious if you are constantly misted glass, with severe frosts frost formed on the glass, the flowers wither, and in general as something cold. Third, if the street was noisy and the windows do not provide sufficient sound insulation. Well, why change windows were defined, now we have understand what to put in his place? What are the windows? To begin with, the glass – is a construction of several glasses. Glasses come in different thickness, with a different cover, respectively, serve different purposes.

To be warmer to put windows with lots of cameras, or use glass with a special coating. That is, a two-chamber, or from I-crystal. To the room became quieter need a package with glass of varying thickness and ideally with double chamber. That is, for example, 6mm – 4mm – 5mm. Different thickness of glass to prevent the phenomenon of resonance and the sound will not work. What you need to order replacement glass? To do this you need to know its size. Width, length and thickness. The thickness of the glass is particularly important because, for each thickness of the core systems using different window glazing beads to secure the package in the frame.

So if you want to change the windows and lower costs financial or time – you can use the old glazing beads. Like most windows replaced? Ordered, delivered, and now you have a new double pane windows. How to replace him? First you need to remove the old windows. Carefully pry something sharp longest bead in the middle and pull it out, other glazing beads to remove it easier. Remove the glass and in its place insert the new one. Pay attention to the inner ear, after replacing glass must be in the same places. In reverse order, set glazing beads, the latter carefully drive a mallet. Double pane windows installed! And if you do not have time to deal with these issues on their own to call us – phone (812) 715-94-93. Our specialists will perform the replacement of glass in the shortest possible time accurately and efficiently.

When does self-installation of wooden windows – there is a lot of problems at each stage of work which may lead to loss of quality selected option window and a bad result. Blame the manufacturer of the master self-taught he can not, because any flaws in the installation – this is his handiwork. Let's look at why the issue of installation of windows so demand professional services? Maybe you can just consider some points and do all yourself? No matter how much we wanted to be self-reliant, as in Casco calculator, you should be able to face the truth. Imagine that removing the old window, you will experience the roughness of the walls, which, unfortunately, very often found in modern and old buildings? If you leave the problem unsolved, somehow vpihnuv new wooden box and sealed seams foam, you get not only the poor quality of the installation, but drafts mildew in the joints of windows and walls, and a host of other problems. In these cases the professionals do? They use special technology assessment of the window aperture, consider all the details, and install window so as to avoid any penetration of wind or water. Most of it seems very simple process of sealing joints of foam, it would seem, nothing could be simpler. But in fact this way of strengthening the window is not enough. Specialists may use special locking plates, guides, and other devices.

All technology professionals install windows you do not know, but the result will meet your best expectations. Experience shows that when self-installation of windows there is a lot of problems, the most serious of which is the need to repair a new window or full replacement. Agree, these expenses do not need anyone. And the desire to save money can result in ruin. Do not be afraid of a modest additional cost for a quality specialist installation of windows. It's worth it. Especially because many companies offer the services of professional installers are already included in the price window. Trust is important matter experts, then your windows will serve you faithfully for decades, delighting you with its reliability and beauty.

During this time, the breed becomes more friable and susceptible to treatment. Large parts of broken up, fine crumb, facilitating the process. After holding the slate is ready for further production. Grinder grinds raw materials mined in the powder, but that did not completely crush, re-enters the primary stage, forming a vicious cycle. Preparatory operations are completed and now you can easily create any shape and colors for the brick.

Initially formed slate powder, mixed with water to create yet shapeless brick paste. Then, using a press it is forced through the form, creating a brick block. At the same time cut off a layer of clay, which opens the top of the brick. All remains then again get into the press and re- used. If the received block have been roasted, you get the traditional red brick.

Further sintering at higher temperatures will give the clinker, which is more suitable for high strength and a sidewalks. Yet unbaked brick in the state, the designers give him relief by means of a roller and add pressed oxide minerals. The material is painted in desired color, you need to create various building masterpieces. Subsequently, the blocks are cut into bricks of standard size, and they formed the holes, making it easier to block. Once the form is created from a brick spontaneously begins to evaporate water. Material enters the dryer, and then baked. Binding technological step is quality control, which checks the manufacturer dimensions and fluid intake with a brick. Brick in necessarily have to absorb a certain amount of water to well absorb the mortar. This verification is performed by weighing a building material before and after placing it in a container with fluid. Once the check is, the party is packed into cubes and sent to consumers.

However, without specialist advice is necessary. In a specialty store or company can help you calculate the amount of film other building materials. And, last but not least, will help determine exactly what technical devices and accessories needed for normal functioning of the pond or other water facilities in a private garden. You need to pump – at least to be able to pump out water (for cleaning the pond or in the winter), and also recommended for periodic partial renewal of water. Choosing a pump for the pond, it is better to buy more powerful. Alas, buying low-power pump today, you'll have to buy new, when you think to buy water purification system.

Pay special attention to sealing all electrical connections. For reliability used in the garden a special outlet, ideally – radiorozetku to control both the pump and fountains, artificial lighting. This is a very handy thing, it can be connected and all garden lighting to could control the light and water, without leaving home. For immersion pump is desirable to acquire and mounting plate. It is important to buy quality hose designed specifically for the device structure of water, as ponds, and streams. If you intend to breed in ornamental fish pond, you'll need to get serious about water purification. There are ultraviolet lamps, filters, and complex systems of biofiltration. However, apart from biological treatment of water needed and accessories for cleaning the surface of the pond, where accumulated dead plant parts flown litter and leaves, fish wastes and other fauna, liking your pond.

This simple nets, and special scissors, forceps and pond, and very effective skimmers. And then there are vacuum cleaners and purifiers for water bodies bottom. Attention! When operating electrical devices, take care precautions. To equip the pond, use only equipment specially designed for such purposes and has safety certificates. Be sure to follow the operating instructions.