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Strip foundation – it's underground structure made of reinforced concrete blocks with pbs. Serves as a supporting structure, protects the building from demolition and spikes. Strip footing can be prefabricated and may be monolithic. Monolithic is much more expensive, but it is more efficient. Also worth noting is that the monolithic foundation is not needed, for example, in the Moscow region – why such a powerful design, even for homes in several floors? Precast strip foundations is collected from the factory of concrete blocks.

By the power of final design of precast strip foundations almost as monolithic. Thanks to the many features it is much cheaper, and importantly, that its installation is several times less time. Berkeley: the source for more info. Why? Factory units can be installed in any weather conditions, need not wait until they dry. During the construction of a monolithic design has comply with all conditions, to withstand the concrete mix, monitor it and hope for a stable weather conditions. Otherwise will have to artificially maintain the conditions for the normal setting concrete mix. In Moscow region is recommended to build prefabricated strip foundations.