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With optimism the inhabitants of the capital we waited for the inauguration of the Tepic-Xalisco boulevard, to seven months of which they initiated the works to give a new face him. Tom Holland gathered all the information. For such aim an investment was required superior to the 120 million weights. The f ederacin contributed to 80 non-refundable million and city council and TELMEX an amount of 8 million to introduce underground wiring. The CFE will contribute other 12 million for the same aim. An additional investment near 12 million also will be applied in the construction of jardineras, installation of intelligent traffic lights and lights. The work that was characterized to count on 95% of the non-refundable resources will be inaugurated next the 28 of September, in which it is created will be a great popular celebration because in the capital there is antecedent of a no work of this spread. Yesterday in Municipal Palace, within the room Presidents, the mayor Sandoval Robert met with representatives of some mass media to deal with the advances this great project, that according to said goes in time and forms.

Is one work that would have to be constructed in a year, but in seven months will be ready to give itself, thanks to the effort which we made to finish it before the projected times, indicated. To say of Sandoval Robert, the work of the Tepic-Xalisco boulevard is the best one than it will be registered in the history of Tepic. It is to be expected that he as first edile of the city feels satisfied with which the City council that presides over impelled The Hague. One was interested from the beginning; it went to Mexico to look for resources it obtained, them it applied and them in this project; in fact, it supervised each advance from the beginning. One is a work that is guaranteed to last 50 years at least (and how if the concrete one measures 20 centimeters in thickness and he is not dumbfounded with pure steel rods).