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That suggestion or voice, remembered this now to it to still leave it tenser. If the cellular one touched at that moment, was its end. It could to be demascarado or to be considered as fara ressucitado, for the gallows of the conjunct of ' ' great chefe' '. In this second hypothesis could not nor imagine what those fanatic ones could make with it. After a long time of meditation, finally ' ' great chefe' ' if it moves away again, giving to it plus a time to be able to breathe more tranquilamente. Again it starts the tambores and the dances. Now much more to the will. Without those formalities all.

The ritual then arrives at its climax. Until ' ' great chefe' ' already its hat enters in the dance, taking off and dancing as it wanted. Migrantino already knew well this very. All party was thus. Certinho started everything, but when all more were empolgados by the drink, they lost that air of formality all.

In that height already they were doides. They must already have until forgotten what they had come to make there. For the opening, it of the one olhadinha through the mirror in the ceiling and completely sees the head with a drum in the hand, giving beaten already is of the rhythm. Now at least it not running more in such a way risk. They were alone to wait to get tired themselves and to finish soon with that torture. Finally, they go to the few leaving the great hall and it she remains immovable inside of sarcfago, not seeing the hour to open that cover pra to be able to leave. But still she had to wait at least one hour until she could have certainty of that she would not have plus nobody in that building. When at last she left that one caixote, nor believed that everything had survived to that. When earning the street can again breathe pure oxygen. This everything left to it half traumatizado. Beyond the sounds of siriene that it had terror when it listened, now joined to this also the sounds of tambores. Finally it was again in return to century XXI.

It knows what it is necessary to reach your dream It does not give up! I believe and mainly I trust you that he is part of my life with its unconditional friendship Exactly that through imaginable lines that they separate in them for the meshes of the Internet. I will choose the way and I go to the meeting of it Only this A decision yours. It goes in front. It does not give up! It does not give attention to this voice that is now in a your head saying that it is all bobagem, valley the penalty nor not to read this, that is all bobagem and lie. I do not listen to this voice, you I ask for. You are capable.

You deserve to be happy He does not give up your dreams, are they which will be Restoration of your family; To conclude your studies and to reach the cultural and professional formation that it desires; To find the company ideal in accordance with to live your style of life and its peculiarities; Children, go to have the blessed children and that you they will give great joys, they are they natural yours or adopted by you. It creates them with security, love, dignity and wisdom; To have peace and happiness in your life; To usufruct of the corporeal properties and spirituals that long for; To pay your debts, they are many, is not, but who does not have them? That job that as much waits, this chance goes to arrive; To have a healthful and worthy social life with your friends, colleagues and family; Health. To have it is a blessing, either in the body or in the soul, you will have the cure that it asks for you or for somebody in special; Ah! To reach most important, in my humble opinion, the Wisdom the Happiness Be that as it may it does not give up, you you are so close to having what it desires! That already it can feel in your hands It waits, trusts God! You deserve, I know of this, and I have the dignity.