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The Secret Service is probably paying close attention to Brian Wilson. AP SAN FRANCISCO The family of San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodgers Stadium says he underwent emergency surgery this week after suffering another seizure. Bryan Stow’s family posted on their website that doctors at St. by David Fucillo Jul 20, 2011 12: 08 PM PDT In a fairly amusing bit of video (likely to be pulled soon by MLBAM), to youthful San Francisco Giants fan missed out on a chance at a foul ball but used his pouting charm to convince either CSN Bay Area or The free-spirited San Francisco Giants will use a day off Monday to visit President Barack Obama at the White House, where the team will be honored as World Series champion. The annual ceremony could experience a blooper or two. Some wonder if Giants Luckily for him the San Francisco Giants organization have no regard for parenting and were kind enough to actually walk to ball up to him. Good to know that we are rewarding kids for being brats. YouTube Preview Image

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