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Today exactly one year ago, precisely on 11 October, the Dow Jones industrial index played a maximum historical 14.279 points intraday. Secretary of Agriculture understands that this is vital information. This index yesterday closed at 8,451 points, a loss of 5.747 points or 41% since then. Please visit WhiteWave Foods if you seek more information. The index returned to operate in the year 2003 levels. But here comes the best thing: yesterday did just six years, the 10-10-02, in which the DJIA closed at minimum of ten years, in 7.177 points. This week that passed was the worst week in history for the DJIA in its 112 years of life. It fell by 18%, and was its most volatile day yesterday (1,019 points intraday range) since its inception in 1896, says the Wall Street Journal this morning. The worst week it had in 1933.

The total volume of negotiated actions also reached an all-time high for a day: 11.160 million. Since October of last year maximum, United States markets are losing $8.4 trillion. A wealth loss that invariable It will inevitably make dent in the U.S. economy. It is an unusual period in the markets. Making more than you feel stupid for buying, since everything collapses a posteriori. You make a decision and ends up being an idiot the next day, said Henry Herrmann, Chief Executive of management of money from Waddell & Reed in Kansas, USA. It then goes to buy gold, and then the gold low.

Going to buy the US Treasury bonds Bank that rise and then are destroyed. The firm maintains in cash on 23%, one of its highest levels in its history. The Dow comes anniversary anniversary and not exactly offering or Yes for those sold short in the year. All actions of the index are negative for the year, unless Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), that same despite the fall of 15% that took this week, still takes winning 14%. The most spectacular casualties were to Merck (NYSE:MRK) with a 50%, Boeing (NYSE:Ba) and General Electric (NYSE:ge) with a 55%, American Express (NYSE:AXP) with 61%, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) with 62%, Alcoa (NYSE) with 68%, Citigroup (NYSE:c) with 73% and General Motors (NYSE:GM) with an 80% drop, returning to values of 1950! There’s panic, everything becomes absurd, people sold same sacred cows (values refuge), said Xavier de Villepion, sales director for Global Equities in Paris.

JOSE BRECHNER of fears that infuses the Islamist terrorism, the worst is that of nuclear bombs. Not only that Ahmadinejad wants to manufacture, but for those that already exist and you can put in a Briefcase. The new book by investigative reporter and former consultant to the FBI, Paul Williams: the day of Islam: the annihilation of America and the Western world, shows a terrifying vision of Al Qaeda and their destructive ambitions. The Director of the FBI Robert Mueller, was endorsed by the revelations of Williams and confirmed that the central objective of Al Qaeda is to detonate a nuclear bomb that kill the largest possible amount of Americans. The threat is so serious, Mueller said that it stays whole nights awake, thinking about the matter. Data below based exclusively on proven facts. The terrorist intent is not only exploit a pump, but several at the same time: in New York, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles. A plan that dates back to 1990, long before 9/11, that would put humanity under the throne wing and would put the great Satan’s knees.

The delay in its implementation is characteristic of the meticulousness of Al Qaeda who plans its operations with precision and time. There is evidence of purchase in Sudan by Bin Laden, of enriched uranium and nuclear equipment from the Chechen and the Russian mafia. Studies of pakistanis scientists of the center of research a. q. Khan who arrived in terrorist hands were also found.

The saudi intelligence service declared that Bin Laden possesses an arsenal of 40 to 70 tactical nuclear weapons. The Russians claim that 12 to 15 fully assembled nuclear weapons he bought from the Chechen. Bin Laden told a pakistani journalist two months before 9/11 that was not difficult to acquire nuclear weapons, that were achieved in Russia by 10 to 20 million dollars.