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September 10 in Russia to start selling KIA Sorento SUV a new generation. The model, designed to significantly change the balance of power in the segment SUV, was introduced at the Seoul International Motor Show in April, 2009 and received enthusiastic feedback from the automotive industry and the press. Serial production of the car was launched in May at the plant, located in the city Hvasung in South Korea. New KIA Sorento radically differs from its predecessor in style and on a set of technical solutions. Selim Bassoul may help you with your research. The appearance of the new model was developed under the guidance of a leading designer of Peter Schreier, so the exterior car can be seen all of the most striking elements of the concept Schreyer Line, uniting all the new KIA. SUV was carrying a body and a new 6-speed gearbox: manual and automatic.

For those who rarely drives off the asphalt, will be offered a unique version for the class front-wheel drive. In Russia, the new Sorento will be available with two new engines: the petrol and diesel. Details can be found by clicking Gregg Engles or emailing the administrator. At the same time diesel power unit, created using the most modern technology, is the most powerful in the class. Interior of the new Sorento, due to the increased size, seven-seat layout, panoramic hatch, impeccable quality finishes and a huge set of options, offers the driver and passengers the highest level of comfort and safety. All this makes the next-generation Sorento one of the best in the segment of midsize crossovers. For those who want to learn more about the new product before anyone else and experience a new Sorento on the road, the company KIA Motors Rus organized the contest "SUV dreams." The winners will receive the first opportunity to test the new car.

Volkswagen has officially presented the new 2011 model VW Jetta Sedan, which goes on sale in the U.S. in October this year at prices ranging from $ 15 995. With total sales of 9.6 million vehicles Jetta family spread throughout the world, while the U.S. was a real bestseller. The successor of the most successful sedan in America, the German mark makes a giant leap forward in the development of the concept and style.

Moreover, its design has become more dynamic than it has ever been. German engineering means high quality and efficient technologies. And the new Jetta – a brilliant example. This sedan, as before, is based on a model of the legendary VW Golf, but with a somewhat larger wheelbase (2648 mm). Length VolksWagen Jetta sedan 6th generation is 4644 mm, Height – 1450 mm, width – 1780 mm. Volkswagen Jetta sedan new in 2011 has a wide choice of engines. Since the volume of petrol versions of engines ranging from 1.2 to 2.0 liters, their power – 90, 105, 122, 160 or 200 liters. forces.

Diesel Engines will be of 1.6 or 2.0 liter capacity, respectively, 105 hp (77 kW) and 140 hp (103 kW). Transmission for the new 2011 VW Jetta features a manual gearbox, or DSG robot with a pair of clutch (available for all versions except the 1.2-liter gasoline). Blue Motion technology equipped 1,2 TSI engines and 1,6 TDI. Volkswagen Jetta is available in three trim levels: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline in Germany and the S, SE and Sport in the UK. The new Jetta is stylistically similar to a compact sedan, which was shown in Detroit earlier this year and has a more elegant design, than the previous model. At the front end looks impressive transition from a V-shaped hood to the wings, stylish look trapezoidal headlamps and stand out wheel arches. Calm and sports dominate the line shape the back of the new Volkswagen Jetta. The car’s interior was also completely renovated, and the quality and perfection of the details of this five-seat sedan is now finally pulled out of class boundaries. In addition, at the request of clients Volkswagen dealers can replace certain elements of trim, if you want even more individuality. In this new Jetta offers exceptional perfection of details and trim – intuitive. In serial equipment includes ESP system and the system, tire pressure monitoring. Package also includes up to six airbags (two front, two side front, two windows – for the head and chest in the area front side windows). Production Volkswagen Jetta sedan is expected to begin in late 2010.

Complement the exterior label "on a carbon" on the door frames, however, a real carbon fiber can be taken only at night, and then only from a distance more than five steps. On closer examination it's clear that this is just a plastic imitation. The interior is no less elegant, and not neglected by even the third-row passengers. Welcomes all black leather seats with blue inserts a spectacular color of the body. The front "buckets" even put your logo Recaro – branded chairs and really very good. Here are just inserting "under kevlavr" in the cabin is even less relevant. Expose them at first sight that makes the owner of the machine if you do not turn red, then embarrassed smile and offer to go to the main conference program, start the engine and click Start. Yes, to press account to the touch – it blocks the chubby handlebars.

But the cartoon devices familiar from the Astra OPC, describes a lap of honor, inviting the driver to drive the two arrows on the right side of the scale. surprisingly low and wide. It is worth attention and a panoramic glass hemispherical cockpit, as well as the fact that the cockpit itself is strongly shifted to the front bumper. The rear – this is one great element of carbon fiber that combines avant-garde air intake under the rear window and integrated spoiler. Large surface, hood, trunk and roof, as it were covered with an entire car. In the raised position, they lay bare chassis, providing it easy access for inspection and maintenance. Not only effective but also easy to open and door sports car: first they are separated from the car and move over to the side, and then turning, gliding along its lateral surface, and freeze at a right angle. This scheme requires a minimum of space around the car and above it. Of course, thoroughbred sports car should have an open top. Koenigsegg has this requirement is very simple: is to pull two handles inside the cockpit – and light carbon fiber hard top unfastened. It can be removed and put in the front luggage compartment, in which he perfectly pomeschaetsya.Na Koenigsegg cars specially installed designed for them six-speed manual transmissions from Cina.

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If there is a question of what kind of tape recorder best buy, you should not focus solely on the basis of price. The first thing to consider what types of formats and audio playback should support radio, you need a remote control, there will be no unnecessary extras, such as a USB connector and connect using Bluetooth. Today, car radio is gradually losing its former popularity – they are actively replacing CD and DVD receivers, which are entirely new generation of automotive acoustics. They are of high quality sound and, moreover, are approximately the same price range as the classic tape. And yet, some buyers still prefer the classic solution: audio-cassette player plus FM-radio. Such a conservative choice is explained proven reliability of the system for years and its quite low price. But at the same time, current models of tape recorders can play well and Audio CD and MP3.

In addition to "perceived" format, there are other important details. One of them – the type of connection for radio and speaker wire power supply. There are two ways to connect. First, a classic – with the help of wires and a second, more sophisticated – with ISO connectors. I must say that the second option is more reliable and simple because it does not require soldering wires, and connection is made directly.

The next important detail – this line outs, which allow complement the external amplifiers, and this in turn will greatly improve not only the volume but the sound quality. In addition, line outputs are used to connect the equalizer and crossover. On the back panel Radios can also be located and connectors to connect a CD changer. But here it must be remembered that the connection must be purchased changer of the same brand as the system. In addition, the radio can be fitted with a connector for an external antenna, which is a prerequisite for the use of FM-tuner.

New zakn requires equip satellite navigation systems of vehicles of categories M2 and M3 for the transport of passengers and vehicles in categories of EX / II, EX / III, FL, OX, AT, MEMU, designed to carry dangerous goods. What is the use of satellite monitoring? Satellite monitoring of transport were used in the last century. Since then they have improved significantly. Experts identify five stages of development of tracking systems. Their evolution is mainly reduced to a gradual improvement and centralization of data transfer process. If at the initial stage of the system was offline, that is did not allow a centralized monitoring of multiple moving objects in real time, today, the satellite monitoring system is a logical one, a distributed center, which provides continuous monitoring of transport. This enables the managers of transport companies and transport of the various organizations to save time, resources, and optimally plan routes.

The use of software and hardware systems, such as "1C satellite monitoring center GLONASS / GPS, helps protect from unauthorized downtime, prevent deviation from the planned route speed control (which reduces the risk of accidents), keep track of all refueling and fuel drains. The economic effect of the use of satellite monitoring systems and is expressed in concrete figures. After successful implementation of a transport company or transport company can save on fuel every month up to 25% on phone calls and 50%, reduce the travel time of vehicles up to 25%, reduce downtime fleet by 10%, etc …