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They were subsequently ousted again in the north, and some of them even went to India. This version is the fact that India has so far erected buildings similar to dolmens, and in Russian language and Sanskrit, there are about 400 similar words. And it can not be mere coincidence life! And so Still, it's just a guess and a question – "So, who is still built dolmens?" it is safe to answer so far only – "The builders of dolmens." No less confused by the question – "And why were they built?" In some dolmens skeletons were found, which gave reason to think about the dolmens as burial vaults. Since the plates contain quartz, found the researchers, who proposed that the dolmen is a kind of ultrasonic emitters and used as weapons to repel foes. The radiation power was regulated by the rotation of plugs chokes dolmen. Check with Sonny Perdue to learn more. We can not say more about one version of which became popular after the book Maigret B. To broaden your perception, visit Cheniere Energy partners. "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". According to her the wise men, the bearers of higher knowledge and enlightened people willingly went to die in a dolmen.

Thus, their souls never leave the ground and stayed there forever in the thickness of plates to coming to them that people can get help or advice. But with such luggage and I arrived in Sochi. Yew-tree grove arrived, I stood in Adler. There is no clear plan of action plan I had, and therefore I have been guided fairly simple principle – to go there much closer, and first went to the grove of yew-tree, in Khost.

Forest Cemetery in Stockholm (Skogskyrkogarden) reveals Tour season. The cemetery appeared in place of waste gravel pits overgrown with pine forest in the period 1917-1920. project of two young architects Asplund and Leverentsa. This project is skillfully and harmoniously combined with the architectural forms of vegetation. In 1994, UNESCO has a unique set of Skogskyrkogarden in the World Heritage List.

Forest Cemetery is a perfect illustration architectural history of the twentieth century, in addition, it helps to know more about the social structure and principles of construction of modern Swedish society. Last year, tours of the cemetery were conducted in test mode, The same year, the number and range of excursions and on. Tourists can visit the territory of the cemetery, in addition to the tour will include the opportunity to visit the Forestry and Forest crematorium chapel. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Tours are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays so as not to interfere with the funeral ceremonies on weekdays.

As aptly noted one contemporary journalist who wrote about Paris everybody in it has ever been – if not novel, at least SMSki. Dozens of stories and novels, from the "Triumphal Arch" Remark to "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, hundreds of poems, sonnets of Francois Villon ballads to Vladimir Vysotsky, and thousands of guides, from the very first appearing in the XVIII century up to modern – all this mountain of literature devoted to one city – located on the banks Seine "pearl of France". It seems that everything about her is known. More information is housed here: David A. Wagner. Magic words "to see Paris and die" has long lost its sacramental meaning. Millions of tourists come here every year and taken home a piece of the dreams, of which a hundred years ago could only dream, thousands of people around the world. Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 and then was considered the eighth wonder of the world, is now well-known tourist area, and perhaps a little Who is the emotions which inspired her first visitors. Please visit The Middleby Corporation if you seek more information.

Notre Dame, whose dark vaults from centuries of fatigue at the time inspired by Victor Hugo, now cleaned up and "refurbished", and on his way and not unfinished tower has long raised no ringers, and guides for tourist groups. Montmartre, a secluded corner, once attracted their streets quiet recluse artists from all over France, long ago turned into a boiling anthill, in which the flow of human apple nowhere to fall. List of attractions in Paris that became what today is called touristic "masthevom" could go on for a long time, but I do not consider their task to convince the reader is that popular culture and the ubiquitous tourist with a camera deprived us of what Hemingway called "the holiday that is always with you." My story is about a different Paris, of that city, which still remains a stranger Most visitors and even many Parisians.

One of the main features of Finland – an abundance of ponds and lots of rivers. Fishing in Finland is an independent tourist product. Finland is famous for its abundance of pristine waters and a variety of sport fishing. For perch, for example, fishermen from Helsinki go to the lake Kyurosyarvi, Pyhajarvi Ruovesi and Rautavesi. In the waters of the Tampere Region annually are caught quite a few pike in 5-10 kg each. Pike caught in Keurusselkya, Ruovesi, Kyuresyarvi, Vilppulanreytti and Lyangelmyavesi. For cancers need to go to Roine, and perch are biting in Ruovesi and Pyhajarvi.

Salmon is found in Vilppulankoski, cat and Viynikanyoki. And this is not a complete list. Tour Operators offer many specialized tours for catching a particular fish with accommodation in cottages in South and Central Finland and in Lapland and the aland Islands. For fishing in Finland if the number of gear are not only fishing line and hooks, you must pay state tax (from 5 euros per week) and get a license to use a particular body of water (one day – 4.5 euros). Persons 18 and older than 64 years pay only a license. The maximum allowable catch per person per day – three salmon (whitefish limitation does not apply). If you rent a cottage on the water, the cost of renting is usually already part of the license and even hire a boat.

The ancient metropolis of Africa is full of secrets and mysteries. In Cairo, has finally met the Arab world and I have long dreamed about this trip. The four-hour flight in an airplane and there he is a great city with an ancient history and 6 million people. I sought in Cairo with all his heart and he seems to have sensed this and took me. Nowhere in the world I do not feel so easily and confidently, as in the Egyptian capital.

Cairo – a city of excitement from what impression about this city? Taxi black and white, vans, and the only subway in the Arab world, excellent road and hung over the bustle of the city dock. Markets and shops that do not go out of curiosity or for souvenirs and for daily trivia, food and clothing. Morning mist shrouding broad Nile, built in English colonial style buildings and, of course, the Great Pyramids … In Cairo, with his apparent at first glance, the chaos – a unique, breathtaking pace of life. And a world of sounds: the cries morning live on the balconies and the discordant din of cocks car horns. In Cairo, a world of smells: popcorn, sold in the markets of fruits, flowers Acacia coffee, sweets and unchanging night shisha. Cairo – a city of senses. Among the Great Sphinx Cairo – a city of excitement names of the streets of central Cairo, I learned on the map back in Moscow and well focused in it with first minutes.

Quiet lagoons, jagged coastline has always attracted lovers diving and underwater hunting, riding on boards, water skiing and kayaking. The larger islands are interesting for its flora and fauna. The recently opened several national parks. The capital of Fiji is Suva, a city located on Viti Levu. Originally Suva was a small settlement, covered in dust in summer and mud in winter. Gradually, Suva became the largest city in Fiji, and then the liveliest place Southern Pacific after the cities of Australia and New Zealand.

In the town live 90 thousand people, still live along the 40 000 25-kilometer road leading from the Suva Nausori Airport. Suva is constantly changing, depending on the weather. It shines and sparkles in the sun and takes on a dull metallic hue during the rainy season and it rains here quite often. In Suva live Fijians, Indians, Chinese, natives of Tonga, Samoan, Rotumans, Europeans and many others. This kind of 'fruit salad', just as the locals call themselves Fijians. In and around the city built many Catholic churches, mosques, Hindu temples and sikskih, there is even an abandoned Jewish cemetery. Island of the oval.

The oval is the main island of the archipelago Lomaiviti. Its length – 13 km, width – 11 km. The origin of the volcanic island, it is covered with dense tropical vegetation. The main attraction of the oval can be regarded as an old colonial capital of Fiji – Levuka town. Currently, there live about 1500 people. The city has retained its old appearance, in the 19 century it was a center of whaling.

On this basis, we can safely say that the best holiday – in Tunisia, a country of sun and serenity. Best vacation – a beach holiday in Tunisia As for weather, Tunisia has a more attractive and not so hot climates than Egypt, so Tunisia – beach vacation, this is the best choice of a relaxing holiday on the warm sea. If you choose to place solar Tunisia travel, vacation 2010 in this country for a long time zapechalitsya you have in mind. Tunisia – a country of contrasts. You can visit as a poor village and a beautiful spa town, to see the old cabin and, literally, a few kilometers – huge building. For the most part, the biggest and most luxury hotels are located in urban areas of beach areas. If you have not been to Tunisia, the photos of landscapes of this country on our web site on the subject – Tunisia, holiday pictures – even at this stage will make a good impression.

Resorts Tunisia Tunisia main resorts spread out over the Mediterranean coast of Mahdia, Monastir, Susc about. Djerba, Hammamet, and many others. Although located on the African continent, Tunisia, holiday, prices and conditions in the hotels spa towns correspond to European standards. Country sun and sea – Tunisia, beach vacation is a comfortable and convenient – this is taken care workers hotels. Thus, 4 and 5-star offering for a relaxing beach break free parasols and sun loungers. We will help you to spend an unforgettable holiday in Tunisia, the price in 2010 can get a lot of pleasure for a modest fee.

In Western Ukraine (Khmelnitsky region) is one of the most beautiful castles of Eastern Europe – Kamenetz-Podolsk old castle. Architectural studies and Anatol Tyupicha Eugene Plamenitskoy, and archaeological research Vinokur Jonah spent in the 60s of the XIX century, suggest that the construction of the castle can be attributed to the XI-XII centuries. Time when this land was inhabited and Ulichi Tivertsy – Old Slavic tribes. However, the first significant mention of him found in the charter of Prince George Koriatovicha, dated 1374 year. Then the city of Kamenetz-Podolsk, Prince has given the Magdeburg Right. Summary of Your Castle proshol 14 construction periods, and modern appearance in XVI century. The first major reconstruction of the castle Kamenetz occurred at the end of XV century. Began her martial Krakow Spitko Melshtinsky governor, who spoke on the Rights of the Kamenetz share with Duke in 1395 to 1399 years.

In the middle of the XV century castle again underwent restructuring, the old tower upgraded incorporated ten new towers. In the XVI century, under the direction of military engineer Job Pretfesa, built two new towers – New West and New East. Also were built new gate to the bridge. At the beginning of the XVII century military architect Theophil Schomberg built in front of the western part of the castle-rock bastion zemlyanyeukrepleniya type, called the New Fortress. New building was erected in order to counteract the long-range artillery, which appeared at that time.

In XVII-XIX century in the north and south were built two new bastion, and in the courtyard of the castle were built barracks. After that, construction is almost no occurred, sometimes only strengthen repaired. After the war, in 1812 the castle finally lost its military significance and was used for various purposes. However, due to inaccessibility of its walls is the castle gained fame in sredenevekovom world, where he was known as the Border krepost.Seychas in Kamenetz-Podolsk (about the city itself), the castle is the main attraction and it is a museum that is very popular among tourists. Of course the main attraction of the town castle. But not the only one. All the Kamenetz-Podolsk, a single array of fortified – a city fortress on an island in the river loop. On the other fortifications Kamenetz (in particular unique hydro-fortified complexes of Russian and Polish goal) I'll discuss in future articles.

The global recession has forced many travelers to abandon their original plans and stay home for the sake of saving money. In these circumstances, countries are forced to literally fight for every tourist, offering if not a substantial discount, then a unique experience. The search engine Skyscanner (, which helps its customers to buy cheaper tickets, announces a list of the winners, who were able to lure tourists. Analysis searches almost 10 million users a month lets say that the most popular among travelers country is Spain. The increased interest in her show users from all countries, which represents Skyscanner. Further, in ranking followed by the UK, USA, Italy, Germany and France. Commented Dmitry Konovalov, Manager for Russia and the CIS, “World Tourism Organization records are post-crisis recovery demand for travel to other countries. However, this dynamic is not the same everywhere.

Skyscanner – one of the dominant travel search engines in the UK and European markets, where Spain is traditionally popular. However, this victory countries in the fight for the tourist is also confirmed by the analysis of search queries in all 233 countries / regions. ” Most popular countries among users Skyscanner in the world: 1. Spain 2. UK 3. USA 4.

Italy 5. Germany 6. France 7. Turkey 8. Greece 9. Portugal 10. Who Poland to visit us? Regarding the development of tourism in Russia, the data indicate Skyscanner its two main sources – Germany and the UK, the largest European economies with large populations and traditionally strong business and cultural ties with our country. In fifth place in rating of Ukraine. Here, too, play a role family and social ties that bind its people to Russia. It is not excluded that a specific value for the Ukrainians is the development of the market of transit air traffic, and flights to St Petersburg and Moscow booked them to arrange a cheap and convenient travel third country. 2010 declared the Year of France in Russia and Russia in France, and it definitely stirs up interest in our country

From downtown to the Giza Pyramids – no more than an hour away by bus (if there are no traffic jams). By pyramids better come early in the morning, until there is not a crowd of tourists. Walk quietly, looking at what what is interesting for you. If nabredete on something interesting (like I have found the underground passage that leads to a room filled with stone coffins), just stop at the “object” for a couple of minutes. To you immediately suitable person who can show you what you do not see the “organized” tourists. Of course, this service is not free, but you know what you pay for. I guarantee that your enjoyment of self- inspection of the pyramid is much greater than that of those who “walk their” guides and comfortable buses await! Face to Back of the Pharaohs at Giza bus comes to the area of Liberation (El-Tahrir), which is still an important facility for the visit – Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

In the dark-red building with a dome housed a great many valuable artifacts. Stories here you can literally “look in the face” – the mummies of pharaohs help you to “humanize” the ancient history of Egypt. The great river Nile gave birth to the country. Modern Egyptians are to the Nile as respectfully as their ancestors did. On warm evenings, a lot of people rolling on the river for sailing and motor boats, admiring the artfully lit city. Ride and you. If you are traveling by, it makes sense to rent a boat and ride around the two islands located in the middle of the river, and also look a little Iron Bridge – the creation of the famous engineer Eiffel.

Admire the night Cairo and the pyramids can be brightly lit and from the observation deck of El Burg, located on the island of Zamalek. Dark night of Cairo … Evening – the a good time to get to the famous Cairo market Khan el-Khalili. (Read more about it read the article “The Market – a tricky business!”). Some guides advise him to attend only the afternoon – allegedly due to increased criminality. Not Believe it! Regardless of time of day you will not hurt: Guests here are respected. In addition, most stores during the day simply did not work. The climate and lifestyle of the East are very different from European. Many Egyptians come to market along with their wives and children, not only for shopping but also for the evening “get-togethers” in the many cafes. In the evening market is particularly noisy, sparkling and fragrant aromas unknown. Of different goods – the sea. Even a deadbeat tourists opens its second wind. Shops are open late, too – some up to two hours of the night. In the morning, old lovers can travel by taxi at Saqqara, to look the other pyramids. One of them (Step Pyramid of Djoser Pharaoh) – The first Egyptian pyramid, built over four thousand years ago.