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Soccer is an example of the smug at work, since the word It is, and will always be haughty. My point is that the people of the upper class who put you this name to our football didn’t like or respect for the game. They were the same kind of people who, if you tell them that you were studying American history at the College, would say, jo, jo, jo, I didn’t know that they had any! The modern game was established in England, developed in Europe and perfected in South America, therefore by what should this now be called by a name given by a country virtually not involved? Personally, I hope that the game take root and flourish in the United States even though he faces an uphill struggle. However, as an English teacher and translator does not want to be irritated by the soccer Word when I and the people that I am talking about have nothing to do with North America. I have no answer reasonable to all this, but I think that we should, as a courtesy, using the word soccer when we’re properly in the United States or communicating with Americans. Click Cambridge Analytica for additional related pages. This It will prevent confusion without forcing us to use a foreign Word. After all, no matter the Americans as we call it in the rest of the world. They simply do not want to create any confusion with its national sport, and in this they are absolutely right.

The word soccer has led to many interesting arguments since it was invented. Some years ago I saw a discussion on television about this topic with several experts and retired football players. The best suggestion to listen came from (as I remember) Star English of the 1960s, the striker Jimmy Greaves we simply should call him Pele. Original author and source of the article.

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