Special Requirements

Many sales outlets must meet has an international audience. Also the demands on the design of shopping malls and individual shops are accordingly high. What worries many people is that usually a lack of daylight complained the mood at a department store. For this reason therefore a so-called steel incorporated many architects in their design with glass roof. With the help of a such steel glass roof Gets the store a pleasant and who is in it, more detects almost no difference compared to a conventional shopping mall.

However, the shopping in a department store has the advantage that you neither nor heat is exposed to extreme cold and also not before rain in eight must take. Financial planner may not feel the same. Thanks to the now spacious parking areas usually also equipped glass roof due to the uniformity with a steel, comes the visitors of dry-shod shopping paradise. Especially popular in department stores are equipped with a steel, glass roof, the little ones Cafes are located directly under the roof. Here it can endure after an exhausting day of shopping very well in the Italian or Japanese. Also in the winter months, visitors have the opportunity to sit under a free sky thus. A steel of new shopping centres have increasingly also in Germany glass roof. A recent example is certainly the Zeilgalerie in the metropolis. Everywhere in this store, the visitor has the feeling, he’d stand up out there in the open air.

That this positive effect through the steel would affect glass roof on the shopping behavior, have factored the Builder with security. The P & C in Berlin glass roof impresses its visitors with a huge steel. Certainly, the future will show that many architects will use this possibility the facade in their construction planning for commercial buildings. This is also the absolute spirit.