Southern Urals

There is a beautiful and very old Bashkir legend that tells how to appear on the earth> Southern Urals. At a time when the Lord gave the people of the earth, Bashkir far away wandering, not knowing about it. Or knew but just did not managed. Michelin Star Restaurant can aid you in your search for knowledge. In general, too late. On whether they were grieved and prigoryunilis. Who would be hunting without a piece of land? God saw this thing and decided the question differently: otschipnul of already distributed the land piece by piece, and gave Bashkirs. And there was at land Southern Urals.

Despite the fact that this is only a legend, she can not lushche feature reflects the Southern Urals – the variety of landscapes and climatic zones. Rocky Mountains the tundra and arctic desert on the peaks and valleys with steppe vegetation between them – vast taiga forest and lime. This diversity is relatively close to each other and all this can be seen in one day. Also clean mountain rivers, which so well rafting, a huge lake on the shore where you forget about the worldly things and think only about good! All this is the nature of the Southern Urals. However, the Southern Urals is interesting not only because of its nature. For simplicity only a little deeper into its history and before you stand up the tribes of the Aryans, who built Arch. Sweep herds Sarmatians.

You will see a piece of the Silk Road, the rapid hordes of Mongols and the holy imams preaching in medieval Islam among the Bashkir. In later before your eyes stand rearing miners mountains and the first steel mills. Many, many things raced through the Southern Urals, leaving its mark. Strung like beads on a single continuous thread of history. New time combines the knowledge of their ancestors, modern tourism and nature conservation, so generously just recently dissipated. In the southern Urals is created, the tourism industry. Are built ski resorts and recreation centers, opened a sanatorium. Developing eco-tourism. All this combined with each year attracts more and more people travel into the beautiful place at the junction of Europe and Asia.

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