SMS Distrubution

Travel company is well-suited to notice the emergence of new “last minute” tickets. An interesting idea is also sending greetings to customers and partners. And maybe to congratulate them not only with national holidays like New Year, but, for example, on his birthday (date of birth is also often included in an application for a club card). Similar SMS campaign can be organized and employees. Individual attention to any agreeable, so you can take care of their customers or employees and, of course, to improve their relationship. There is also a combined the use of mobile technologies in marketing. For example, using SMS-mailing can notify subscribers about the sweepstakes or contests that are held also by SMS. In this case, the newsletter includes a description of actions and instructions for the party (sending messages with certain text to a specific number that is both expression of consent to participate in the quiz).

Subject quizzes can relate to, for example, the work area company or of its history, allowing you to stimulate the interest of users or employees to your organization. SMS distribution made by a special, very complex software. However, for Customer service is no longer a problem because there are many services that are professionally engaged in SMS-newsletters. All you need – base of phone numbers of your subscribers, some companies provide an opportunity to use your phone subscribers base and the idea of mailing. It remains an important issue – the choice of service, which will be implemented through action. First, despite the overall low cost of SMS-mailings, the prices in different Companies are also different. For large orders, all companies provide significant discounts, but for smaller businesses will be much higher prices.

So you should choose a service where the cost of SMS is low regardless of volumes. In this case, you will be offered various solutions that can help make your service more interesting to the user, and will also contribute to its promotion: SMS-Quizzes, polls, orders via SMS, etc. Additional mobile solutions can be selected for any field of business. So do not assume the use of SMS-SMS advertising and marketing only the prerogative of the companies working directly on the mobile market communications or the Internet. New technologies make it possible to realize almost any idea.