Safety Abroad: What To Do If Your Passport Was Stolen

Travel abroad – an integral part of life in any modern humans. Travel can be both entertaining and working. A well-planned trip abroad usually gives a lot of bright emotions and memories, but there are bad situations. It happens that you can steal the most that neither is important to travel abroad – cash and key documents. What to do in this case? Where to go and who can help? If this happened in an entertaining trip, you can assume that just got lucky, because with this surprise you are unlikely to be left alone. All questions will seek a firm that organizes your vacation. If you prefer to travel alone, or reside abroad to plan a business meeting, not to get upset. You should go to the consulate of your native state in the country where you are now.

Almost any European country, there are embassies of these states, former members of the cis, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. Well, you to have their exact address and phone number in advance. This requires thinking out the most overseas trip. You will definitely be easier to work on the restoration of the required documents, if you flew abroad for a long period and managed to register with the department. Thus, when the purpose of your trip – work abroad, we strongly encourage you to register upon arrival. And do not try to get a job illegally. Trafficking in human beings – this is one of the most recent negative trends in our society.

In the most common situation when you contact the embassy, where you'll be told what to do and where to run, need to bring any additional papers. If you carry on the trip had only a passport, likely to require evidence a person who can verify your persona. Then you get a certain dock, which will give you the right to leave the host country. Go somewhere else with this document you do not able, but to get to the house, where to solve the problem with stolen papers easier – is quite real. In the course of organizing the event and it is worth reflecting on the precarious situation where you suddenly run out of funds to existence. You will be able to protect his person from a lot of problems if you take with a credit card or, for example, record a separate phone numbers of parents and friends. Because the consulate you can help are minimized. For example, give a little money on the photo for replacing a passport or suggest how best to transfer money from their parents. Count will most likely only on yourself. Therefore, to start planning a trip is with great responsibility.